Why aren't the girls getting taller, too?

Well, today’s generation of teenage Taiwanese boys are definitely getting taller, thanks to bettter diet, I suppose. But the girls are still so short. What’s up?

I think they have grown a bit taller, I see a difference between women in their 40’s, 30’s, and 20’s

Perhaps platforms and high-heels are reaching their structural limits.

Closet Queen wrote [quote]Well, today’s generation of teenage Taiwanese boys are definitely getting taller, thanks to bettter diet, I suppose. But the girls are still so short. What’s up?[/quote]
Since when did you become such a perceptive observer of the female species? :wink: Hadn’t thought about it before but I think you may be right. Time for a survey: you can measure the boys, Omni and I can handle the girls.

There are a lot of 6’ teenage boys around now - well, enough to notice. But the girls still seem to top out at 5’ or less. Perhaps it’s lack of exercise?

Lack of sex with me.

That would only make their hand bigger :wink:

Because if there’s not enough meat or milk to go around, the boys eat first.

i dunno. saw lotsa “bamboo” girls. when you get a chance, compare your female students in height to their grandmas. bid gifference.

I see tall young girls everywhere. My wife is 5’7’’ so it’s easy to make quick assessments.

I just bought the perfect partner some new shower sandals. They bring her up to 168cm. I am very clean these days.

thats cold, prolly true but cold nonetheless :wink: i hate those fat little only sons you see doted on round taipei. you just know they’re gonna grow up to be right kunts

I think they’re getting a lot taller. I like petite girls, and I’m rather disturbed to see that more and more of the lovely young things are shooting up to willowy heights.

In fact, when I found myself in the middle of a crowd of Taipei Number One greenshirts streaming into the MRT last night, I was musing about how tall they were and what a generation of giants the Taiwanese are rearing.

They think fat kids are cute. Symbols of prosperity or something.

That was pretty prevalent on the Mainland, but I have yet to encounter that attitude here. On the Mainland they do see being “fat” as an indicator of success or prosperity, but here of course people make no bones about pointing out that you’re fat and something is wrong with you if you are.

I wish that there were more tall girls in Taiwan too

It kind of sucks when you have to wear flats all the time

Interesting. I find the young adults nowadays are taller than their counterparts 20 years ago.

The girls may not be getting as proportionally tall as the boys, but they are ‘filling out’ faster and fuller then they were 18 years ago.

Wish my daughter would slow down in this area… :help:

Anybody know where I can pick up a 12 gauge and a rocking chair?

A kalashnikov with a few hundred rounds would be better, shoot for the legs…

Thank God that I have a few more years before I need to worry about that.

When you have teenage sons, you only have to worry about one disk in town. When you have teenage daughters, you have to worry about everyone.

I have noticed that there are a lot of tall boys out there now, so it kind of surprises me when I still hear the line “foreigners are all so tall” and “foreigners are all taller than Chinese/Taiwanese.” Boggles the mind sometimes …

As for the girls, I haven’t really noticed … as soon as I hear the high-pitched, nasal, annoying whining (sa jiao) sounds of them talking with their dopey-looking high school boyfriends, I try not to look. It’s disgusting to see all the heavy petting that goes on between high schoolers around here … and I thought Taiwan was supposed to be a “conservative” place. Oh well …