Why Beijing may want to keep Trump in the White House

I think people forget that “America First” isolationism has international consequences. When you do not step up to the plate, someone else (China) will.

The TPP was meant to be a check against China’s BRI, yet…Trump torpedoed it with nothing in its place.

US PR is in shambles, yet myopic Trump supporters see it as a boon. Human rights violations by the CCP have largely been ignored by the Trump administration. China already seems to be recovering from COVID more quickly than the US. All of these things do not bode well for the US and its allies around the world - including Taiwan.

China’s gov does not mind at all being temporarily set back from the trade war, if it means they can sink their roots deeper into the world over the long run. They do not mind losing a limb, if they can completely neutralize their enemy. The US seems to be doing little to stop the rise of China’s influence at this time. A strong America that leverages its position as world hegemon, means safer allies, less aggressive enemies, and overall a more stable world.

News broke today of Trump, through his companies, having a still open bank account in China, as well as having paid almost 200K in taxes to the CCP over the years. Quite a bad look. Do you really think China fears a Trump administration more than a Biden one? The chaos and division Trump has fomented domestically, and the retreat he has conducted on the world stage, have been priceless gifts to the CCP.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”


I agree. Trump and his screw ups are good for China.

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Damned with Biden. Damned with Trump.

Vote @Marco for US President. Whataya havta lose?


Very good.

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Would you still be able to mod if you were the leader of the free world?

I could never turn my backs on you guyses. Especially @Gmu and his development projects thread :heart_eyes:

You have my vote then.

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Let’s nip this right in the bud.

There’s absolutely no way China wants Trump to stay in the White House.

China wants Trump out. China wants Pompeo out.

China wants it ASAP.

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A stronger America means more committed protection to its allies. A united America means a less distracted America.

DJT has done more than any other president, perhaps more than all the US presidents in the last 100 years combined, to sow chaos, discord, and disorder domestically.

Do you really think if he and Boris - both admitted isolationists - were not in power that the CCP would have made its move on Hong Kong?

Do you really think the CCP is not loving the fact that America is reeling from COVID, largely in part to a catasrophic failure in policy and leadership by Trump and his admin?

The CCP also smiles when they read polling showing almost no other populace in the developed world would come close to electing Trump.

Why not let America implode for even longer domestically, and continue to squander its image to the world by letting Trump run the show? A man with no moral compass can be bought like any other commodity. Trump has no moral compass. His corruption, open adulation of dictators, and lust for money make him predictable and more easily controlled.


Hold your horses! The best you could do is Canadian PM! Or … Italian!

Every other protocol has been broken. Why stop at this one?

Any screw ups running one superpower are good for any country trying to gain a footing as a competing superpower.


Does Trump still use Twitter? :sunglasses:
Am I right…

I don’t understand how this response nipped it in the bud per se.


I’ve been thinking this as well recently, although I suspect it’s a very unpopular opinion among Trump supporters. I can’t see how the CCP (or at least a significant minority of it) wouldn’t prefer Trump to be president, given the destabilizing effect he’s had on the entire country and its international reputation.

I don’t get the criticism about paying taxes to the CCP though - I presume that’s the case for any people/companies doing business in China. It’s not like he could just have opted out (and the media would presumably have complained about tax evasion if he had).

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Well they can’t come to grips with Putin wanting Trump either. Same shit different dictator.

World sentiment has never been lower towards China. Face is important to China if they expect to pull off their initiatives over the next 30 years.

Trump has single handedly destroyed China’s image in 4 years and Beijing wants Trump out immediately before relations worsen. All the countries turning a blind eye to China’s human rights violations now have the courage and backing by Trump/Pompeo to stand up to a China.

Now Trump wants to be certain the full blame of Covid is assigned to Beijing and CCP, and make them pay for what they did to the world.

Explain how on earth Xi wants Trump in office so he can get full blame, pay trillions of dollars to the world, while Pompeo turns countries against China. Why would China want this?

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Not sure what you’re basing that assumption off, but I think at least from the perspective of most parts of Europe, it’s more like he single handedly destroyed the image of the US in the world. In many European countries, China is seen much more favorable than the US now - and Trump declaring trade war on Europe has certainly pushed many countries and companies in Europe closer to China and maybe even Russia.´

And the way China is handling the pandamic compared to the US (in terms of outcome) certainly validates the image that with Trump the role of the US as the world leader seems to be coming to an end. China is eager to take that role. And Trump doesn’t seem to be interested in stopping them as long as he can be successful in his own country.


I agree to a degree but I don’t agree Trump has single handedly destroyed China’s image.

I can concede Trump has a hand in it and got the ball rolling to help other politicians and Democrats to wake TF up! But, China has also shot itself in many ways, especially with the Coronavirus and increased threats.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, in my opinion. Although I can see why someone might believe that if they’re a bit unworldly, gullible, and live exclusively in a bubble of Trump supporters.

I don’t remember hearing anything from Trump in the last several years that even slightly affected my opinion of China…at least in part because he lies and misleads so frequently that it’s hard to consider anything he says as having any value. I don’t think that’s an uncommon opinion among non-(U.S.)-Americans. If anything has affected my opinion of China recently, it’s the actions of the Chinese government/media. Conversely, as an outside observer, my opinion of U.S. politics and society has gone way down.

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