Why Can't We Say the F and C words in Food and Drink?

What’s going on? Can we not swear anymore?


Just that one. It’s not necessarily offence. Let’s just keep it a bit classier. Only a little bit. No F and No C. Anything else is fine and I’ll be easy on the discussions and temp only sparingly.

People F and C here all the time.

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I get that. But the food and drink is public. Just those two. Ok?

I don’t really get this. There is a public/private division on this site.

Right, and food and drink is visible to everyone. Members and nonmembers. I think keeping those two out would help the site’s search engine optimisation when people search for things in Taiwan. Food and drink contains a lot of useful information and since the algorithms of today are programmed to avoid those words. I think censoring those words could be helpful to @tempogain in growing the site in Taiwan. It would be sad if these topics aren’t searchable.


Ok then. I didn’t know that.

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No problem. I appreciate that @Gain

What part is not public then




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Please note this type of standard is up to individual mods. I can recall @yyy @hannes and now @Marco925 preferring not to see such language in their forums. I don’t recall other @moderators being dead-set against it (and I may even slip in an f-word myself from time to time :slight_smile: ) It depends of course–our rules note that excessive profanity may be moderated.


I probably wouldn’t have an issue if it was Politics or a forum like that that doesn’t necessarily need to be searchable. But forums like the Food and Drink are where a lot of new users end up when they search for a…an item on Google, as well as Where Can I Find and Restaurants.

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Fajita? Canoli?

I offer to mod a forum exclusively for effing and blinding .
It will be moderated once a year to ensure we are reaching our quotient .

If anybody has a problem with it they can join my forum and *+/@ off.


Fish and chips?


Does anyone fancy some coque?


I thought it was shellfish, but I could be wrong.