Why do British people refer Arab Muslims, Indians and Pakistanis as “Asian”

What the fuck are you on about with your lack of geographic knowledge. Can’t even name the regions and continents correctly. Jeez

That’s my point, you ever heard of anyone brush Canadians and Mexicans as Americans??

You’re such a Eurocentric colonizer, such a privilege stright white male thing to do, categorizing Africa into one region. And forgetting there’s no kangaroos in New Zealand. They have fucking wallabies damn it!


Not in Canada or America.

But… I did work with one Aussie who always used the term “south Asians”. He creeped everyone out and had to be let go.

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The use of British idioms is being eradicated for the common good. Someone just got banned from Twatter for a conversation about China still selling "fags’ ( cigarettes) to 8 year olds, on the grounds of being offensive. I guess every word may be construed to be offensive if one tries hard enough, but surely context must be taken into account?
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I find it absolutely bizarre when the press refers to pakistanis/indians as asians.

Are they asians? Yes. But it’s bizarre.

The reason they are referred to as, say, Pakistanis is to describe the person for the reader. It’s not just a person, it’s a Pakistani person. Unless of course the nationality is of some importance it seems like its mostly used to help further describe someone.

Now the conversation could be had how that isn’t necessary and could be seen as racist or promoting certain prejudices. Some really valid points. Why do we have to call them Pakistanis? Could just call them Earthlings at this point. Why describe someone based on what geographical position on the map they are from?

Buuuuuuuut. In an attempt to be PC (which in this case I totally get) they replace the term with ‘Asians’. Which doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t help further describe since Asia encompasses so many different types of people so there’s no use to even have the word being used at this point.

If you’re going to stop describing someone based on nationality then so be it. But replacing it with something extremely vague is just stupid.

In today’s news a local shopkeeper, a person with fingers, is having a bake sale.


Because they’re from Asia and in the UK a disproportionate amount of child rape gangs are Asian male on British white female children. It’s a cultural thing regarding how low Asian males regard females. (generally speaking).
Would anyone here not feel uncomfortable if you had young female children and your neighbors were a large group of Asian males?

The truth will shock you! Different people use different words to refer to the same thing. It’s really not that complicated. In Britain, Asians usually refers to people whose ancestry is from the south part of Asia, rather than the east part of Asia; going outside for a fag is something many people do; and the term fanny pack is linguistically amusing.

Specifically on Asians: isn’t the term “Pakistani” tricky because you’re not sure if you’re talking about someone whose ancestry is from Pakistan, or India, or Nepal, or Sri Lanka? “South Asian” is a reasonable catch-all term, like I’ll usually use the term “East Asian” rather than take a guess and label someone Korean or Taiwanese, or “Westerner” for someone here who’s white but I don’t want to assume they’re American or whatever.

Yes. Often. Especially from Spanish speakers. It’s a topic that flares up on forumosa once in a while.

You realize most people here with kids live in an entire country full of Asian males…


they live next to families not large groups of Asian men all hoarded into one small house.

Who is hoarding the Asian men?
(And do you have a dictionary?)


Ok but are we speaking, espanol?

Asians represent 8% of the general population of England and Wales as of 2011. A 2011 analysis by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command of 940 possible offenders reported for “street grooming and child sexual exploitation” found that 38% were white, 36% were Asian, while 32% were of an unknown ethnicity.[8]

Who did this study? Grouping all Asian…like about 50 countries in Asia with very different cultures and development in society… unknown ethnicity…

Not very helpful.

I use a different vocabulary from what Spanish-as-a-primary-language speakers do. I also use a different vocabulary from what British people do. That’s pretty much how language works.

I left the references on there so you can click and find out who did it. Don’t be that lazy please.

What does a Spanish speaker speaking in English call people from the United States?

I speak Spanish, not as well as I used to but I know they say americanos for Americans after spending my summers building orphanages down south. Some may use estadounidense but my time in Spanish speaking countries they do use americanos. Especially in Spain.

I can see which organization. But who are the people that decided on this methodology to find out about ethnicity statistics on rape leaving 32% up to unknown percentage.

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No idea. Hasn’t come up. They just tell me that I’m American too. Which I tell them is fine if you’re speaking English in a Spanish-speaking country, but if you’re speaking English in many other places, you’ll be misunderstood. Because language is different in different places.

The original question isn’t that different from “Why do Canadians refer to grilling as barbecue?”, or “Why do Americans refer to football as soccer?”

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Regions of Asia.