Why do I dislike Islam?


I’ve never said that Islam is the source of all evil. However, you are defending Islam. Both of these positions are clear from the words that both of us have posted.

And you have equated criticism of Islam with racism against Muslims. Why is this such a difficult point to get across? I am, of course, aware that there are a number of posters on here who have posted illogical criticisms of Muslims. This may make people emotional and say things that are flat out lies. To repeat again I have no problem with Muslims and never have had (it’s closer to 1.6 billion by the way), I don’t like Islam.


hi, this is going to be my last reply,

you tell me, if you want to judge 1.2 billions of population, i am not going to believe a survey citing that few,

i am not talking about the content yet, just how few the respondent to judge the whole population or large proportion of it,

yes it is scary if someone would agree to do a domestic violence like that, and no I am not going to condone it.

thanks for reminding me to stop this.

have some knowledge first before persuading anyone to bash a religion.

bye all.


If we can get an example of a Muslim country that truly allows non Muslim to live and let live, I’m all ears.

Also one where a Muslim can stand up and say ‘I don’t believe in this crap, let me believe what I want to believe…’ without getting whipped , jailed or executed.

Probably Turkey is the one I can think of now that doesnt seem to be too bad, apart from turning into a dictatorship and steadily introducing islamic rules for all citizens .


Well since I don’t get to have this kind of conversation in person with many Muslims. Explain this shit to me, does the Koran and Mohammad command the killing of infidels or not? This shit crossed the line with me, killing of innocent civilians who are of all races, nationalities and beliefs. The people in London, Paris, Barcelona and in the towers had no fucking chance. No fucking chance. You want to kill enemy combatants, fine. You go after civilians, women, children. Who don’t have any way of defending themselves and have done nothing wrong. Enough is enough. And the fact that Muslims like you who claim to be not like that isn’t standing with me says it all. I’m more disgusted at your indifference than the jihadist because you claim to know better.


Yes, it does. That is the Jihad which it repeats itself often in the Koran. Then you have what you have in the world…
Al-Dawoody, Ahmed (2011). The Islamic Law of War: Justifications and Regulations . Palgrave Macmillan. p. 56. ISBN 978-0230111608. Seventeen derivatives of jihād occur altogether forty-one times in eleven Meccan texts and thirty Medinan ones,


Bye. I just want to say that I have learned a lot debating with you, and that is surely the most important part of debate.


I see, you could not tell me what you think about your buddies in this video: https://www.facebook.com/vox.alicante/videos/844614145744839/?hc_ref=ARSJqebkipZqBZf1ou-LbOeLVnojEM0f_Lf2cjkaumIVhPQZRml5c-QQBmThax4NKhs
You are like them and you cannot defend their stand, at least with us…


Yeah, Turkey is far from good now but is about to get a lot worse.


Their library has several. Or you can just read it online, there are many English translations.


Is it just me or is it always one step forward and two steps back for these countries.


I love democracy, warts and all. Secular democracies are the only ones that seem to work. I’m British, and we seem to have got by fudging it a bit, but in general religion and democracy don’t mix.


I’m Christian but I’m all for separation of church and state. Christianity was never meant to be a theocratic system. If religion is ingrained in the culture of that society, the moral values will match the laws made and passed by the citizens and leaders of that society anyways.


If I had the inclination and opportunity to be an autocrat, I’d use religion. That’s not to say that it hasn’t been achieved otherwise, but it makes it a lot easier.


In Islam: human rights have been conferred by God, no legislative assembly in the world, or
any government on earth has the right or authority to make any amendment or change in the rights conferred by God. Many points related to basic rights from Islamic point of view: http://www.islam101.com/rights/hrM2.htm


Why is polytheism a worse crime than homicide?

The government arranges prostitutes for you? Is this for real?

Also, “Red Indians” is seriously politically incorrect. You really need to check your privilege. When kids play now it’s Cow People vs First Nations People, but obviously they only get killed if they follow polytheism.


No, Andrew, I’m not telling you that.

What did the pagans taking rome and Christian infighting for Rome have to do with Islam?

Nothing, and that’s the point. Try reading the list of sacks again.

Islamic countries are generally not that welcoming of foreigners and especially non Muslim foreigners you really deny this?

So, on top of the usual expat complaints like visa delays and bank problems (things that mysteriously don’t get blamed on the local religion when they happen in non-Muslim countries), now Islam is responsible for the ingroup-outgroup dynamic for which Asian cultures are famous.

Next we’ll be hearing that Islam ate your homework.

Let’s try the Mahmoud-on-60-Minutes challenge. Can you think of one positive thing about your experience in Malaysia so far? Maybe a lack of blue haired landwhale feminazis? :whale2: :wink:

  1. If you feel that helpless, you have two options. Study some psychology. And as Warren would say, if you don’t know jewelry, know the jeweler.
  2. If debate is useless, why are you debating?

By the same logic, Mr. 666, anyone can decide you’re a Muslim and therefore a liar. But I’m not a Muslim! you retort. Ah, but that’s exactly the kind of lie you would tell if you were a Muslim! :no_no:

From what you say in other threads, it seems a foreigner can’t live a free life in Taiwan. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just wondering why you don’t blame Buddhism (or Confucianism) for that. Or do you?

Staying in the same region, how are Myanmar and Sri Lanka doing?

When westerners bomb their own countries – or sack Rome for that matter – what should you blame? :ponder:

This is something I have a problem with.

A: Down with lemon trees! Their green fruit is ugly!
B: How do you feel about yellow lemons?
A: You’re defending lemons! You greenie! :rage:

As explained earlier, by conventional western standards, non-Muslims in Malaysia have more freedom than Muslims. They’re still less free than westerners, but roughly on par with their neighbors in Singapore. Meanwhile, their other neighbors in Thailand are not doing so well…

If you did, you would get pretty much the same answers. Btw @politbureau might have some thoughts to share on the women and children issue. :speak_no_evil:

throwing gay people, or just people in general off buildings.

Yeah, that’s a bad execution method because the body might hit a pedestrian down on the street. Out of curiosity, what method do your gangster acquaintances prefer?

If religion is ingrained in the culture of that society, the moral values will match the laws made and passed by the citizens and leaders of that society anyways.


But Andrew, American preachers are constantly lamenting the godlessness of modern times! Surely they’re not lying, are they? Surely Christianity was more ingrained in western culture a few hundred years ago, in the golden age, right?


Freedom of religion…‘Moderate’ Muslim majority country

Malaysia is a multi-religious society, the Malaysian constitution does not guarantee freedom of religion,


Freedom of religion, despite being guaranteed in the constitution, faces many restrictions in Malaysia.[25]Legally, a Malay in Malaysia must be a Muslim.[26]Non-Malays are more free to shift between religions.[27] Attempts by Muslims to convert to other religions are punished by state governments, with punishments ranging from fines to imprisonment. The federal government does not intervene in legal disputes over conversion, leaving it to the courts. The secular courts of Malaysia have ruled they do not have the authority to decide these cases, referring them to the Syariah courts. These Islamic courts have unanimously ruled that all ethnic Malays must remain Muslims. Even non-Malays who have converted to Islam are not allowed to leave Islam, and children born to Muslim parents are considered to be Muslims.[26] A non-Muslim who wishes to marry a Muslim must first convert to Islam.[28


Article 160 of the Constitution only states the criteria for a person to be considered a Malay; which is to profess the religion of Islam, habitually speak the Malay language, conform to Malay custom and be born to a Malaysian parent


Instead of talking about other countries with problems answer the question


Which one is on the path forward ?
And which two are going nowhere ?

All used to be part of the same colonial entity.


Excepting Myanmar top source of refugees worldwide are all Islamic/Muslim countries too.