Why do people smoke weed? Especially in Taiwan

I’ve never really understood. I have tried it under peer pressure with several friends at age 13-14 smoking in the basement of a friend’s house. A friend’s older brother got it for us. Besides an altered mental state and the feeling of not giving a fuck about anything and just laughing hysterically about random things. It’s extremely fun doing it with a group of friends but I don’t know why someone would smoke weed everyday by themselves.

It seems a vast majority of Canadians enjoy it and a huge percentage of young Americans do it. Besides bonding with friends when everyone is smoking a joint, why do people do it on a frequent basis? What is the point?

I always get the feeling that people who are potheads are not very ambitious. My perception might be very wrong.

I don’t really know anyone like doctors or professors or any people with upper middle class jobs using weed. I do know personal trainers, escorts, and car salesmen who use pot regularly. Some say its to relieve stress or calm them down.

All the escorts I have visited in Canada have claimed to smoke pot regularly. I don’t really hear bankers or CEOs doing pot but use cocaine and hookers/escorts instead. Maybe because I don’t personally know too many bankers or CEOS.

I don’t know where I’m going with this thread but why do people smoke pot? Especially ABCs and people who grew up in the west doing pot in Taiwan. Is it to have a more interesting lifestyle and loosen up with people? Habit? Why spend money on a pointless drug(in my opinion)?

There is nothing wrong with smoking pot. I want to clarify that.

so… you and your “friend”, who has fallen in love with an escort here in Taiwan, have enjoyed escorts together back in North America?


Give me a break KHHville


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They’ve formed a habit. Not quite unlike your habit of frequenting escorts.


I feel like I already have a target on my back from you and @Gain

You’re always gonna be “the escort guy” if you keep bringing it up in every post!


My first two posts on this forum have included experiences with escorts yes - I don’t intend to bring it up on every forum I start. It’s the only vice I have.

Why do people drink alcohol?

Why do people go to movies?


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It’s complicated and there are endless possibilities of why people do it yes,

Not really. They do it because they find it enjoyable.

It’s a good alternative to opiate pain killers that will ruin your life and kill you. There are many medical uses from helping cancer patients eat and pain relief for arthritis.

It’s relaxing and helps your mood and makes you feel good. It’s not addictive like alcohol and tobacco or other drugs. You don’t withdraw physically like other drugs such as caffeine. You can’t die from it. It can be fun in a social setting.

Plenty of reasons.

Your friend should try it as an alternative in a legal country :wink:


Because they are godless and shameless. They don’t know the value of being judged by others for their self-destructive activities.

I can’t tell if that is sarcasm or you are dead serious.

You don’t know many then, lol.

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Barry Busted.


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Asian doctors or professors who grew up in Asia definitely do not use weed regularly and very likely haven’t touched it once in their life

everything in moderation. What that means for you is for you to be judge. I know people who smoke daily and live highly productive and happy lives with family and friends, and I have a few friends who still smoke all day and do nothing but watch TV and eat junk food.

CEOs and bankers use coke because it’s in and out of your system fast and they’re long hour jobs and the extra kick is nice. People would smoke more if it was just legalized. It stays in your system forever, so getting caught is trouble.

The highest risk of smoking is unfortunately legal consequences.

I work for the fucking UN and I regularly go into work caned to the heavens. On a slow day I microdose with mushrooms.

You do the math.


Do you really? I heard good things about micro dosing LSD and shrooms.

Some athletes like dart and pool players swear by weed to help them focus