Why do white women vote Republican?


Is that where all the black people live?


New theory: their husbands make them:

Because, of course, the husband will know what they’re doing in the polling booth.


Any theory to avoid facing the real reason: they vote for what they feel to be the less awful party.


This sounds like a fun get-together…


I’m thinking that most families already have a good idea of just who should be sat with the kids at their cards tables due to, uh, overcrowding at the main table. :grinning:


Who wouldn’t love to spend a family dinner hearing nonsense about the white Euro-centric heteronormative patriarchy? What could possibly go wrong!


Mareli Miniutti seems to be having one of those moments when she realizes the Democrats are not quite what she thought.


That’s because you’re retarded, my lady.

Welcome to the real world?


#notall, you bigot!


Are you guys even sure that’s even her? It’s a brand new twitter account and she already had an Instagram that she made private after all this. Nothing said on that twitter account wasn’t already publicly known. The jab at Democrats is a bit out of place too, but obviously very crowd pleasing.


You may be right, no blue checkmark, new account.


That account’s already been suspended. And the LA DA’s office has decided not to prosecute Avenatti.


So it’s #SometimesBelieveHer


This is Hollywood we’re talking about here. The whole industry is build on sexual abuse.


It’s LA County DA that decided not to file felony charges, LA City is looking at whether or not to file misdemeanor chargers. Her lawyer said that’s pretty much what they expected considering her injuries.


Some would say he’s receiving plenty of punishment in the court of public opinion. This may be enough to derail his 2020 bid…the ultimate punishment for a narcissist like him.


I wouldn’t think it’s enough, but you’re probably right. Not being in control of the narrative is probably eating at him more than I can imagine.

I don’t think Jacob Wohl did anybody any favors the other day. No idea what that Surefire tweet was all about. If it was a joke, I genuinely don’t get it.

And happy cake day, @Dr_Milker .


Yeah, seemed like a publicity stunt more than anything else. Avenatti isn’t the only narcissist out there.


I believe my friend’s wife voted Republican as she was going crazy listening to the hubby almost violently and hourly complain about Obama…she could not imagine four years of her husband’s comments if Clinton was elected.


At least she doesn’t have to listen to the media saying how trump is racist everytime you turn on the news and scroll through social media.


Like her vote would have swung the election. :wink: