Why extremely beautiful people get fewer dates

Ah you got extra preferences or just ‘gay’
I’m probably asking the wrong person… Where is that annoying fellow when you want him to comment.

She set it as gay to see if guys would find me attractive.

I think guys are also just hornier in general, whereas women are a bit more chill. To put it in perspective, I think most women browse dating websites the way a guy who had just “relieved himself” 15 minutes before would.


I think so from 14-25. I wanted to hump everything I see at that age, now I feel much more in control of such urges and make better decisions about it. Makes sense as testosterone levels start to slowly drop around 25.

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This is true. When it comes to evolution terms such as shallow are meaningless.

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Story of my life

Is height really a big factor? I can understand how it’s important for procreation. I can’t for shagging.

A couple of inches in height makes for a bigger orgasm? Doesn’t make sense to me. Big breasts, big penis, large buttocks etc I get. Height for sexual pleasure I don’t.

Some people think big guy= big dick. I believe gay people do care a lot about dick size.

I think some people like to be dominated. A larger person seems more dominant.


I think this could be another factor. Girls also seem to enjoy feeling small with a taller man.

It’s generally accepted that short guys have bigger dicks. Or at least they look larger.

Is it? I’ve never heard that. I’ve heard of big hands or feet.

I don’t get it from a male perspective, but that makes sense.

It’s true. A normal size dick looks impressive on a short fella. The visual effect is a bit more exciting…:eyes:

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I can see that. If Shaq had a normal size dick, it would look tiny.


I have a similar problem with language exchange apps. Lots and lots of guys trying to meet me.

I finally decided to meet a couple of the guys that seemed non-gay but turned out they were still looking for a boyfriend.

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I’m pretty sure that short guys have bigger dicks. Of course, it could be down to perspective.

Nerds are famous for being well hung. I’ve heard this from several women.

I’m no size queen, but I care a lot about physique, and I’ve found men of average and below average height have a better shape in general. A lot of tall guys have trouble bulking up because their bodies are just too stretched out, so to speak.

I approve this message.

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This is hardly groundbreaking knowledge - I remember it being mentioned in psychology classes back in the 90s. The basic reason is that humans tend to look for mates of a similar level of attractiveness, and simple statistics tell you that there just aren’t that many people at the top end of the bell curve. Same problem with IQ; smart people (and presumably dumb people) don’t have such a large dating pool to choose from.

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