Why is it so easy to "Hurt the feelings of the Chinese people"?

Why is it so easy to “Hurt the feelings of the Chinese people”?

So asks sepentza on his youtube channel, where he mounts an epic counterargument: China has many people that are tough as nails yet “the Chinese people” are being represented by the CCP as weak snowflake crybabies around the globe.

It’s hard to summarize the epic level trolling here, which really must be seen to be believed. : D

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_erzKlLYC8




17 mins too long for me.

And the whole I’m chinese-adjacent reason to support his “arguement” doesn’t work for me.


His point—and it is sharp—is that people in China are being played.

It’s a pretty ingenious approach. But yeah I get it looking at youtube videos is probably not the best use of our time. We could instead be scrolling through forumosa! : P


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Serpentza is great.
1 billion people cowed by corrupt cabal of Communists…its embarrassing.

In the video linked above, he uses Taiwan as a foil. Though he seems to know very little about Taiwan’s history, this is still fine with me. : P


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I can’t watch the video at the moment, but I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. It’s possible to be tough-as-nails and also a snowflake. When you think about it, the average violent criminal is precisely that: easily riled and liable to lash out at the slightest insult, real or imagined.

A lot of Chinese people genuinely believe the CCP bullshit and obediently get upset about foreigners “insulting” China. Of course, it’s impossible to tell what fraction of them don’t believe it, because you keep quiet about that sort of thing in China.


hmmm… sort of like the quiet Trump supporters in the U.S.

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Or the silent majority Korean Fish voters, who tell the polls they will vote for English

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Insecurity. Everything about China is fake as hell. They are the epitome of fake it till you make it. Fake Chinese culture, fake economy, fake democracy, fake buildings, fake products, fake fake fake.


Quick off topic question. What is this use of guy suppose to mean? Thx

The worst thing is the fake nationalism…It lasts as long as they can get a green card or passport to western country of choice.nif you are really proud of your Courtney, the one that is supposedly the best and fastest growing in the world blah blah, you are going to stay there right.

Then they emigrate to Western countries and still bitch.

Must say not all but , a lot of em.
Have to work with quite a few Chinese and it’s really hard to get anything out of them in terms of what they are really thinking, there’s walls within walls.

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It’s also ridiculous when they go ’ we Chinese’ a funcijg massive country of 1.3 billion people with different backgrounds are not all going to be thinking the same fucming thing.

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Xi’s own daughter rather go back to the US lol.




all the over the top behavior only brings attention to it. not so long ago taiwanese people wasn’t that familiar with the whole xi pooh meme. nowadays they are calling him xi wei ni on the news…
the pooh stuff would be long forgotten if he just ignored it.

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Holy Baby Feelings!


The nightmare continues …

BBC News - China due to introduce face scans for mobile users


Chinese jingoism and nationalism is based on falsehoods and falls apart at the seams with smallest of scrutiny. They know its bullshit deep down, and they go to bullying as a defense mechanism.

Their parents didn’t sign the permission slip for their feels trip.

That is a nice way to put it!