Why is it so easy to "Hurt the feelings of the Chinese people"?

As I understand it, Global Times is like a bellowing propaganda outlet, not necessarily reflecting inner policy directions in Beijing, but testing the waters of certain positions.



Global Times is a hawkish tabloid. It’s not really representative of the party or general population. See it more like Fox News

It’s definitely not a “mouthpiece”. But Taiwan News is shit


The People’s Daily and Xinhua more or less represent the Chinese government’s official position. In contrast, while Global Times is in line with more hawkish elements within the party, its boisterous editorials don’t necessarily represent Beijing’s official line.


Yes, of course, usually.

For the Chinese Foreign Ministry posting on Twitter, I do believe it’s nearer to an exception to the rule though.

No, those Tweets will get reposted on Weibo. And there are two domestic audiences:

  1. General Public
  2. People in the MOFA/Government

A lot of the time they want to show their loyalty/patriotism to better their own careers.

Also, the MOFA within China has been seen as pussy department without backbone. So they feel the need to prove themselves with these kind of displays

Not sure if on topic or off topic, but here are new official list of politically correct and incorrect terms in China (only in Chinese). Only can say wow! They really are going full-on

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They do it because it often works and the offending party often backs down, they do it also because it affords them cover to “retaliate” against offending said entity.

In short it’s a power move.

The correct response is tell them to go pound sand and weather the consequences, which more people are doing.

They are not the only ones using this tactic by the way.


Yes, also this

Cant believe that people think that some hardened general or bureau chief in China, who grew up in the cultural revolution and has to navigate through the cutthroat world of Chinese politics, actually is upset about what words a company uses or someone writes in an article.

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You cant? They have been doing that exact thing since before we were born. Now they do it on record, on tv…its really quite cute. Sad, but ya…cute how they are so fragile.

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No they aren’t really upset, thats the point. It’s just a power move as @Mick said

Is there a problem?

nether when ones enjoyly celebrating uniquelier vocabulations