Why is the PS5 so expensive here and impossible to find?

PS5 Digital Edition (no CD drive) retails for $399 USD in the US (roughly 12K NTD).

It is hard to find here in Taiwan.
The ones I have found, retail for 21K to 31K NTD.

That is more than double the price!
What gives? And why is it so hard to find?

Marketing departments. No need to look further.

I don’t think it’s that simple. There may be other factors that are affecting the cost. Perhaps import fees, tariffs and a bunch of other costs that Sony wants the consumer to cover while maintaining a certain profit margin.

It’s likely due to supply shortage so they are being sold by scalpers for double retail price.

PS2 experienced the same problem at launch.


PS5 or XBox Series X is very hard to find in stock in the US. Newegg has daily lotteries, do they ship to Taiwan?

PS5 digital retails here for NT$12980, what you’re seeing is the price arseholes, that have bots and buy up all the stock, are charging.

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PC Home and Momo both don’t have it listed.

Pchome Momo and books.com.tw good luck! I tried for months on the ‘pre-sales’, I eventually got one from a friend (that paid one of the above mentioned arseholes) but is now leaving.

Most of these legit shops sell new stock once a month, which sells out in a few minutes. You need to keep an eye out for announcements.

Also, you’re unlikely to get a console on its own, better chance getting a bundle with games or PS store credit and accessories.

I got a digital one back in March: 21k including 8K credit.

This is not a Taiwan issue. I got the PS5 at launch. I thought about reselling it as I was busy and buying it back after Christmas when they became available. I’m glad I didn’t as it’s still not easily found in the UK.

My understanding is that there are chip shortages that’s causing this issue.

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No one else notices the same narrative time and time again? Be it nintendo, playstation or xbox. Supply shortage blah blah. They know they sell well, and they are not a perishable product. make more and prepare earlier, sell them over the year. The minimal surplus after the initial months of releasing the new system will eaily sell in the coming months. They dont, and its obvious it is a marketing strategy to justify high priced roll outs and to justify high prices in better markets like asia where gaming is literally the equivelant to crack in the usa.

Unless gaming is a career, the smart user (note the gaming addict has the same name as a drug addict haha) waits a year to buy the ssytem cheaper. And with all such scams, the real money is in accessories and the price of games and add ons drop in the coming year as well.

Stop letting the dealers run your life laddies…not good…not good attall.

phones, computers, consoles - made perishable with “software updates” and phased obsolescence.

They arent perishable, they are MADE perishable…thats the point. As i said above, it goes no further than the marketing department. I have no doubt the programers, engineers etc are all very smart and capable people able to do amazing things. But they arent sales, so it doesnt really matter.

Absolutely not. Supply chain issues.

Supply shortages have happened to many consoles for about a year after launch. No idea if the supply shortage is intentional but it may as well be. Create artificial demands.

I seen in grocery stores in the US tons of perfectly good food is thrown out, and cops are sometimes posted to keep people from taking food from dumpsters. Taiwan is wasteful for sure, but not compared to the US. And the US has massive problem with homelessness.

I think this video explains the shortages better than the Socialist Second Thought.

Second Thought…he’s increasingly becoming an extremist.

21k is not more than double 12k. By the way.

Supply side problems most likely not nefarious marketing sadists or money grubbing resellers.

31K is.

All news reports state a shortage of chips worldwide as the reason.

Not marketing…but the overpriced units are from individual sellers on shopee, eBay, etc. And those are just the consol, not even a bundle. Anything over 500USD for just the consol is a rip off.

Here are some examples…

All of those are double the retail price or more. And over 9K to ship!?!? Give me a break. Opportunists abound.

Such as? Which of those are not a man made problem? The china thing could be said to be a chip problem, but i wonder what the back of the box of many other components of a ps5 say…

supply shortages sure. The argument is if they are intentionally made to look like actual shortages (as is very common across the board in business to drive both demand and price points). Surely the ccp virus and chinas trade wars/bullying other countries doesnt really explain the same marketing/sales tactics for ps 2, 3, 4 and Nintendo 64 onwards or xbox 360 onwards etc for the past 20 years.

But Sony isn’t charging above normal retail. They are gaining nothing. It’s the third and fourth party resellers who are taking advantage of the shortage and inflating the price in hopes of a hefty return.

So I wouldn’t say this is a marketing strategy deployed by Sony at all.