Why not become a Taiwanese citizen?

Well, you need to update/renew it when your passport expires and you get a new one, passport numbers change and must be updatet by getting a ‘new’ APRC. Some countries give 5 year, 7 year or 10 year passports.

You have to provide proof (a document) that renouncing is not allowed. Some countries do not provide such a document.

If you have tarc and a taiwan passport do you need to change your passport and put the national identification there?

Yep once you get an ID you would get a new passport .

What country is this? Mexico?

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I think though, you might be able to ‘renounce’ but retain the original passport. The letter they give you says that you lose the citizenship, when you get the new citizenship? So there is no gap. And the new citizenship doesn’t even exist according to them anyway. Its unrecognized and therefore invalid. Do they actually cancel your passport?

You could renounce on Tuesday and reclaim on Wednesday. And use the same passport throughout. (Here’s me thinking wishfully)

Guess Ill find out in a couple of weeks, Just getting the no criminal record authenticated now. Then that language quiz.

Then the oath of allegiance to harry :joy:


Visa Requirements for Taiwanese Citizens


Agree. The intent of the law is to make the applicant have no other nationality at the time. There’s nothing implausible about losing on that one if push came to shove.

I think the risk of being stateless and the uncertainty with future prospects due to china are the only really big issues that stop me. I am Canadian. Know a few people who became stateless due to taiwans double standard citzenship BS…so many people are in this boat of no faith towards the government in this situation.


That loophole was plugged by the Tsai Government years ago.

You now get Taiwanese first. You are dual for a year, of which you need to present proof of renunciation. If you fail to do so, the Taiwanese nationality is revoked.


Really? That changes things a slight bit in the right direction. Do you happen to have a link to that? No rush but would like to see it from the officials.

Article 9 of the Nationality Act.

Was passed in December 2016


Technically you are NWOHR for between 1 and 5 years, which is like a “non-citizen national” in some Western countries.

Not exactly dual citizenship. Also not exactly not dual citizenship. :man_shrugging:


So you dont have the ID Card?

You need a household registration to get a national identification card, though you can get a passport with no ID number while you are on your TARC.

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When I think it got better it gets worse

You have what looks like an ARC and says 台灣地區居留證 (Taiwan Area Resident Card, TARC), not the laminated paper 身分證.

And this one does have an expiration date (unlike the APRC which I was wrong about above; I was thinking of the TARC when I wrote that :sweat_smile:).

Yep. And that passport without the ID number (a.k.a. NWOHR passport) is relatively useless. Most of the visa-free countries require a passport with the ID number. You can still apply for visas and such, but that’s a lot more of a hassle than visa-free.


nwohr passport doesn’t even let you get into taiwan - you actually need a separate 90-day entry permit stamped in the passport. there are actually a few countries that are visa free for nwohr passport though, which is honestly pretty surprising.

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not really. Previously, you must have renounced your original citizenship before you apply for a taiwanese nationality, so you could become a completely stateless person if the application was rejected. Now, at least you have a Taiwanese nationality without a citizenship, when you renounce your original one.

That can still be revoked. My country can’t revoke my nationality even if I had committed an horrendous crime