Why not Nikki Haley?

She seems ok. Of the Republican candidates, probably the least objectionable and best qualified

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Nikki Haley might be the only candidate in the world that could lose to Biden


Damn, a lot of Haley hate. I like her. Go figure.


She acts like controlled opposition

I’ll take it over what we have now and what we just had.

I’ll never forget listening to a Trump WH press briefing and someone in the media asked if Trump was ok with the slaves being freed during the civil war. Insanity.

And now, just watching that woman not answering anything— like ever, just saddens me.

At least Haley makes sense without being a dick about it. You can disagree with actual substance. She reminds me of what Andrew Yang will be like when he grows up and his balls drop.


Rank and file conservatives see her as a weathervane who will say and do anything to get elected. In the end though she’s nothing more than a tool of her chief supporters - the corporate fat cats who bankroll her.


She’s a neoconservative who represents the interests of the military-industrial complex. She also has authoritarian tendencies. Ban anonymous posting on social media? Sounds like something Xi Jinping would do. She later walked it back, but only after a huge backlash.


She ok but I don’t see her as a leader. She would be an equivalent of Biden to me minus the clear beginning signs of becoming senile. Someone who will be controlled.


I mean she’s done her jobs both elected and appointed but nothing extraordinary.

Nothing impressive in her presentation or her speaking or reputation. Almost less than would be expected of a person that held those positions.


I don’t dislike her, I just think she’s too nice for the greasy pole of politics. Will be good for an Ambassadorial post again or perhaps put her on environment (where she can placate the WEF types). It is why I am hugely entertained by Trump and Vivek. They meet my PT Barnum expectations. :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

I did like DeSantis but I think his campaign has definitely lost its mojo!!! It is going to be Trump, but I would like to see Vivek in a senior post and Haley in a junior one.

Trump is the Javier Milei of American politics.

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Milei has to be my favorite global politician at the moment.


Then you must be a big fan of 韓國瑜 too.

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Press secretary.

Glenn Greenwald spelling out for those who haven’t figured out how the game is played. From the establishment point of view, it doesnt matter if the candidate is Republican or Democrat. All that matters is they serve the establishment. If candidates from both sides fit the bill, thats just perfect because then it doesn’t matter who people vote for.

That nearly half of Nikki Haley’s supporters would be fine voting for Biden tells you everything you need to know about her and her campaign: The point is to preserve the uniparty, establishment-serving status quo in Washington :point_down:



Interesting view from Tucker:
Publius Americanus on X: “Tucker is saying exactly what Vivek has been warning us about. If this happens, don’t blame democrats. Blame trump voters for ignoring the warning. https://t.co/UDvhotjmtI” / X (twitter.com)

Tucker is saying exactly what Vivek has been warning us about. If this happens, don’t blame democrats. Blame trump voters for ignoring the warning.

Yeah, I’m still not seeing it. It feels
Like some purity test. Didn’t the dems shoot themselves in the foot with this shit last time around?

Doing business and bringing in business is not taking money. Taking money is what the Bidens do. :person_shrugging:

Blame trump voters for ignoring the warning.

Blame Trump supporters for what exactly? (Tucker never actually says anything like that by the way).

Not backing Ron DeSantis instead of Donald Trump? DeSantis has/had the same backers as Nikki Haley and they have been grooming him for years, not as long as Haley but they are essentially the same and answer to the same masters.

Or ignoring the fact Donald Trump has a good chance of going to jail and allowing someone like Haley to win by default? Who was the alternative they were supposed to rally around?

You’re talking about Nimbra?

The Daily Mail has got under her skin.

Ian Miles Cheong on X: “Nikki Haley has banned the Daily Mail from her campaign trail over their explosive report on her infidelity. She cheated on her husband with multiple men. https://t.co/cE0RUP1ShP” / X (twitter.com)

Nikki Haley DID cheat on husband Michael - had affairs with her comms consultant and a MARRIED South Carolina lobbyist before she became governor, sworn affidavits and new witnesses claim | Daily Mail Online