Will McDonalds food kill me?

[quote=“Shuaiguoren”]Have you seen Super Size Me? Their food is poison.

It all depends…maybe not.

Newspaper man loses 6kg on ‘McDonald’s diet’

11 August 2004


[quote=“Comrade Stalin”][quote=“Shuaiguoren”]Have you seen Super Size Me? Their food is poison.

It all depends…maybe not.

500 calories or about 1 big mac by itself is going to be used by the body and it does not switch to fat storage.

You know when you have had a fat storage lunch because you get sleepy. Your body is saying “lay down and rest so I can store all this food”

So, keep the meal sizes small and you do not go to supersize me mode on any food type.

[quote=“Comrade Stalin”]It all depends…maybe not.

Newspaper man loses 6kg on ‘McDonald’s diet’

11 August 2004

If you’d like an interesting read on how McDonald’s business plan has changed the way the fast food industry is run, read FAST FOOD NATION. I don’t eat cow anyway, but after reading how cows are slaughtered and ground up into McBurgers, and by whom, I wouldn’t suggest anyone eating their beef. Meat from up to 100 different cows can be in one burger. Eek. On a side note, the absolute worst quality beef is sold to public schools in America. Yummy.

As for getting fat eating there. Sure, but one can get fat eating anything, nearly, and then doing nothing. I ate at McDonalds all the time when I was a teenager, and then went hiking or playing some sport. I never gained weight until I was in the Marines, eating then standing a post for hours on end.

As for the whole supersize thing. It’s curious how fast food joints have lowered the prices of potatoes and beef so drastically that McD’s can give you a huge helping of fries and a sickeningly big Mac and still make money.

Another cool thing is that the smell of fast food isn’t coming from the food at all. Most of it is chemical mixtures, food perfume, mixed up in New Jersey! lol

The human being is designed to store fat. Our bodies haven’t caught up to the technological state we now live in. Our bodies are still stone age machines that say “Feed me now, as much as you can beacuse winter is coming and God knows when you’ll eat again.”

I’m not harping on McDonalds really, just suggesting that the fat-thing is more a question of will power and exercise.

As for the service in Taiwan, In Ying Ge there is one Mcdonalds. Breakfast service is great, and given by the absolute friendliest woman I’ve ever seen in a McDs. And she speaks English. Weekend service is varied, either scared to death (of me) teens or their giggling counterparts. The cupboard is bare wait happens from time to time, but I’ve never had to wait more than ten minutes.

Well said jd.


Unless you contract variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from one of their filthy beef or beef-contaminated products.

If you don’t have fruits and vegetables (and fried potatoes don’t really count) at least a couple of times a day, you’re going to have problems no matter what you eat. And if it is fat and salt you have an issue with, you can find many many Chinese foods that are just as greasy and salty as anything at McDonalds. Going to McDonalds every so often isn’t gonna kill you.[/quote]

Honestly, I think that the problem is that in North America, people don’t get enough exercise and that they eat too much unhealthy food, mainly of their own choosing. Just go to Costco and look at their imported stuff - Cheez-wiz anyone? It’s easier to target a big cooperation, sue them and poke fun of them, than it is changing your own eating and exercise habits.

Also, I would like to add that Chinese/Taiwanese food is good, but not ALL the time. Sure I like it and even have a craving for it sometimes. But let’s face it: most of us are North Americans and we like food we can say is from North America.

Give me some good ole’ beef anytime. That was one good thing about Korea! The kalbi houses there were superb for beef. I even heard the Koreans gentically enhanced their beef.

Fine with me. :sunglasses:

The other thing is, I can’t really get pasta here they way I could in Vancouver; in a bag you could boil in a pot, same with the sauce.

I REALLY miss good, inexpensive pasta!!!

you mean like teaching it to sit, stay and fetch while it’s still alive?

Yeah…that’s what I mean. You should see it roll over and play dead. :laughing:

After reading FAST FOOD Nation, Hepatitus (sp?) from a food stall doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after all.

Fast Food nation is THE source for information on beef, hamburger in particular. What the author most warned about was e coli, a very nasty bacteria.

That aside, the fish at McDs is good and I love the sausage egg mcmuffin.

As for Taiwanese food, my wife got food posioning last year, most likely from a food stall…but a meal (fried chicken breast) made to order one not the yucky stuff that sits amid flies for hours on end in the choking street pollution.

However, any food left out for a while will get contaminated with something. And don’t blow off food poisoning as a deterant to eating food stall food. My wife nearly died and spent a week in the hospital on an IV drip.

Don’t eat anything re-fried streetside.

From a review of the book mentioned several times in this thread, Fast Food Nation, which concludes that the E Coli numbers cited were faulty:

[quote]Schlosser argues that because of all this there is a greater risk than is generally understood of being made sick or even killed by a strain of E. coli in a fast-food burger. That may be true, but it seems to me that this is an area where he ranges into hyperbole. At one point, he asserts that

Well, I mentioned the e-coli bacteria as it is a devestating thing to the body, and when you don’t know you’ve got it, it can kill you.

As for Schlosser’s numbers verifying e-coli deaths, I dunno. However, when one notes the way in which the meat and poultry industry in the US is run and very poorly regulated, and add to that near misses with food poisoning here,it’s enough for me to make my son a bag lunch for school when we go back.

BTW, the rest of that article linked above was quite positive on the book.

Not nearly enough to poo-poo the book. It is a compelling read.

MoS uses NZ beef.
And how did you manage to set up your rotating avatar? Pretty cool. Me want.

Yes, quite. I had assumed that jlick had been sitting diligently by his computer all day conscientiously updating his profile every minute or so to keep us entertained (which is certainly commendable in its own right). But I guess sandman’s explanation makes more sense, and is possibly even more impressive. :bravo:

I think the point about posting that portion of the Fast Food Nation review was missed. His figures besides being a bit dodgy don’t apply to either McDonald’s or even fast food, but all cases of e coli poisoning. The theory that the fast food industry was the primary driver of cheaper beef production is a bit tenuous. Over the same period a lot of industries changed to cheaper centralized production of products, and most of them had nothing to do with fast food. And you may have noticed that this discussion was supposed to be McDonald’s, so unless there’s evidence that e coli poisoning is more common at McDonald’s than from other sources of beef, such remarks belong in another discussion.

McDonald’s Taiwan uses Australian beef currently. Is New Zealand better than Australia at regulating beef production?

Since this is drifting waaaay off topic, I’ll answer over in Technology in Taiwan in this post.

macdonald’s- you call that food? no garlic, no herbs, no good tomato sauce. ain’t food to me.
you know, the pancake breakfast can turn you into a double chin porker in no time. i found this out the hard way. there’s no way in hell their pancakes are what they say they are.

a good juicy burger made from fresh locally bought ground beef is an entirely different thing from macdonald’s “hamburger”.