Will the US ever recover from this election

That’s comforting to hear :joy::joy::joy:

When did I ever express hatred towards democracy?

This election mess means that America is not democratic enough, if anything. Same goes for Brexit.

Now we only have to get Marie Le Pen on board and we have a golden pentagon for the apocolypse. We learn nothing from history.

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Apparently, not only did the Canadian immigration website crash, but searches at the Australian site went through the roof. They even went through the roof for the Pakistani site. LOL I’d love to see liberals move to Pakistan and push their nonsense.

California should secede. So should the Northeast. Maybe Minnesota and Illinois should join Canada. There should be something like the partition of India and Pakistan (minus the violence). Split the country and let people move where they want so that they can live amongst the people and culture that they want. (Then Trump should support Mexico in reclaiming California…hehe)

Somehow though, I doubt that leftists really want to secede. They’re just being sore losers. Also, you can be sure that if the shoe were on the other foot, there is no way that they would let their opponents go their own way.

America had a democratic election. You didn’t get the result you want so you called it a shitty democracy. What you’re complaining about is that not everyone thinks like you, and those people also get to have their say.

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As I said, the whole election is a total mess from the beginning then ended with the ugliest bang possible. A system where the voters only have two options is simply laughable. The nominations themselves were a fucking joke already.

Even Taiwan is making a shift on that (not that I’m bragging out transparency and functionality because the situation sucks here too).

There were more than two options.

Anyway, there are lots of different electoral systems around and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. If smaller parties could actually gain ground in the US then everyone would be complaining about extreme parties holding the balance of power as happens elsewhere. People just don’t like the outcome. That’s what this is about.

As someone once said, “opinions are like assholes…everybody’s got one.”

Trump’s victory speech came off as pretty moderate. No chest-thumping yahooing, and he called for unity:


That doesn’t mean it’s going to be all peace and love for the next four years, but the doomsday talk of “this is the end of democracy” and “Trump is another Hitler” seems rather overblown. Of course, I reserve the right to be completely wrong. We’ll see.

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I understand why he is reaching out now, but when he assumes power, Trump needs to use every legal means to crush his enemies (including those from within the GOP and in so-called right wing media). They would have granted him and his followers no quarter at all. He should really give lefties a reason to cry.

He doesn’t care about lefties or righties. He just has a list of people he hates. No need to get complicated.

Ah yes, dictatorship. The true goal of the GOP.

Now it seems the planet itself will never recover from this election. Trump is considering a global warming denialist to head the EPA.

Don’t think you weren’t warned about his anti-science stance.

Legal means. You would have used legal means, or are you implying that you wouldn’t have, instead?

Who said anything about supporting the GOP though?

Hitler used legal means to come to power.

In the US, all it takes is a rubber stamp congress and a Supreme Court packed with ideologues.


Correct. But maybe Gain is advocating for a transferable vote like in Australia.

Oh dude, that is awesome. +1 for that! You don’t know how long I have been waiting for you to go Godwin’s Law! I have been saving this one up just for you:

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Sure, or a run-off election like in France, or a multi-party parliament like many European nations.

The transferable vote system in Australia is not without its issues, however. After the previous election, they changed it because there were politicians being elected with miniscule percentages of the primary vote who pushed out those with much larger percentages. Even after changing it somewhat, that still happened and people were wringing their hands again. Thus, my point that when people complain about a system, they are usually complaining about the outcome. They’re quite happy when it goes their way.

Fuck Godwin’s Law. It’s become a hammer to dismiss factual observations.

It does not discount the fact that dictatorships can be formed through legal means.

And what’s it got to do with the GOP? Trump is a Republican.

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Throwing an internet tantrum for being out-memed. As YOUR next president would say: “sad!”

Isn’t that what you were rooting for?

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They’re complaining about that in the US now.

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