Winter in Taitung

I am thinking about escaping from Taipei for the winter months to somewhere in Taiwan where the weather is more pleasant. Have decided against Kaohsiung because of the pollution and am now considering Taitung. In this context I got a few questions:

  1. Is the climate in Taitung such that it is pleasant to live there in winter without a heater? Or is just a little better than Taipei, but not really great either?

  2. I would really prefer to live in a short-term rental apartment, but AirBnB basically does not have any apartments there unfortunately. Are there any other sources of short-term apartments in Taitung or does this market just not exist there?

Thank you.

Taitung in the winter is not as cold as the north, but still pretty wet and miserable. Of course, I’ve lived here for 30 years, so take that as your ground.
It’s currently 18 in Taipei, 22 here.


Kaohsiung is better in terms of weather. You’re optimizing between weather and pollution.


I found winter in Nantou county was very mild. I skipped a few weeks over CNY but apart from that I could count on one hand the days I needed a jumper or blanket; most of the winter I was in t-shirt and shorts. Funny having people come up to visit from Taizhong arriving in heavy winter jackets.

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Thank you, yes, I know, but I decided against Kaohsiung. No option any longer

Thank you, like Nantou City or also like Puli Township? Big difference in altitude

Chiben is my favorite hangout during the wintwr months. Hotsprings and balmy weather abound.

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No way. I didn’t know that.

I don’t wanna say exactly where, but a township not far from Nantou City and similar elevation, so I assume the climate in that area is similar…

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I am not sure if you guys are aware of this, but Nantou is actually not in Taitung.

Just sayin’.


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Yes but it is also a part of Taiwan that may or may not fit the OPs desires

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Yep. Moved here in 1990. I’m one of those garrulous old-timers people long to get away from.


Side note trivia since mentioning long stay, I met a guy (Aussie I think) in Taitung once that said he had overstayed his visa 15 years and that was over 5 years ago.

You sir are a fountain of information and a well of knowledge.

Forumosa—and Taiwan—and better places because of it.



I’m completely opposite. I want to go to Seoul or Harbin or the very northernmost island of Japan.

I hate warm, balmy weather.

Taitung is awesome in winter. Unless you hate cold and wind im canadian, and living half in western taiwan has made me a huge fan of taitung. Way way better than the west or north.

And the mosquitoes are way bigger too. They suck like a bucket of blood a night.

If there arent any mosquitos where you are in taiwan, and youre not duirectly on the beach or high elevation, there is a poisonous reason you dont see mosquitos…not a great alternative to be honest.

They have heating in all those places you mention. Makes a big difference :grinning:


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