With Hong Kong down, is Taiwan Asia's new media hub?

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HK Free Press


Taiwan has been getting a lot of attention from The Gruan lately. They also have a resident reporter being Helen Davidson. It’s pretty safe to say that Hong Kong is finished. I don’t think their stock market will even survive. Singapore can be a bit too authoritarian. Best case scenario is if multinational corporations return to using Taiwan as the transition point for funds to go into China. So far that seems to be going to Singapore.

Not really. The bureaucratic barriers are too high.

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Not with current tax rates

No, Taiwan manages to shoot itself in the foot on big opportunities with some petty nonsense.


And yet, some move to South Korea.

How do you figure?

While Taiwan can use some modernization in this regard, I don’t think finance is that big of a deal. You can’t sustain wealth creation just by moving money around.

Established hubs:
Manufacturing: meihuashuo
Design: dominated by American firms; AMD and Nvidia have Taiwanese-American CEOs that help with orders. Mediatek has 26% of smartphone chip market share, Qualcomm and Micron have R&D centers in Taiwan.

Hubs in process:

Hubs Desired:
F-16 Repair and Maintenance
Drone R&D

The fact that Taiwan might be involved in some war with China and the low level of English skills here would make this rather difficult

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Says who?

You can make lots of compelling theoretical arguments against finance, particularly modern finance, but the reality is that moving money around has been one of the most reliable creators of wealth in human history, and especially in recent history.

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Nah, put your chips on Korea here. More political will for making it happen.

Not in a closed system but you certainly can create wealth for yourself working as a hub for others.

Why? They are in an even worse situation. Doesn’t speak Mandarin, an English level possibly even lower than Taiwan, lots of corruption and too much power wielded by Chaebols.

It’s a necessary but insufficient condition. All wealthy countries have modern financial systems.

But without productivity growth there can be no economic growth.

Microsoft is building a cloud server in Taiwan as large as the one in Seattle. You think they’d be doing that if they believed it wasnt secure?

Cloud servers are about the most redundancy inbuilt business which there is. If the servers should be “gone”, Microsoft will just switch it to one of its other global locations


So you think Google would put three data centers in Taiwan if it didn’t believe Taiwan was secure?

Data centers are about the most redundancy inbuilt business which there is. If the data centers should be “gone”, Google will just switch it to one of its other global locations (See Microsoft above…)

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Good luck buying the electronics to fill the new servers without Taiwan. Especially now that Intel has fallen behind.

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Or Singapore