With Hong Kong down, is Taiwan Asia's new media hub?

Taiwan is already the gay media hub.

Multinationals prefer to send currency through a more secure Nation for insurance purposes. You don’t have to dig very far to find multiple reports of people being ripped off after sending funds directly to China. Multinationals used to use Taiwan for this function up until Hong Kong and Singapore started directly competing (around the late 90s and early 00s). Hong Kong is now out of the game as far as most Multinationals are concerned. It’s viewed as the same as transferring directly to the mainland.

Do people in other Asian countries watch Taiwanese gay channels?

Great opportunities for Taiwan. Hopefully we also stand up and support the people of hong kong. offering them citizenship would be a pretty hillarious F you to china.

Anyways, seems finance singapore will take the slack as they arent as backasswards as taiwan and they are already a willing province of china. unofficially taiwans real opportunity to lead the world and shine like a star while makig trillions would be going green and leding that industry in r and d and manufacturing, and using its weight to spotlight it. Or space travel, but operating vehicles may not be the best suited focus here.


It’d be nice if they offered dual citizenship to existing long term foreign residents first though.
In addition I don’t know how many Hong Kongers would be willing to come to Taiwan. It’s a pretty big step down from what they used to, living standard wise.

Hong Kong will be fine,its purpose is a financial hub for China. They will not liberalize another city as much as HK and there is no reason for a replacement.

It won’t be a free buzzy expat city of old, but as a finance center for China it’s pretty secure. You can’t just recreate these things easily elsewhere

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Hong Kong is finished. Money was already moving out of HK to Singapore at an alarming rate. There was considerable pushback within HK of Mainland companies trying to float on the HKEX in order to achieve inflated values. That won’t be possible anymore. To do so would be deemed unpatriotic behaviour and those doing it treated as such under the new laws they have put in place. The drain from HK is already underway. It would have moved quicker if this coronavirus pandemic was not hampering things.

Hk has a single purpose, as a financial hub for getting money into and out of China. People still need to invest in China.

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Macao is the wealthiest entity in Asia solely by virtue of being China’s gambling hub.

It used to be, then 2020 came and 2/3 of its GDP evaporated.


Where else are they going to go?

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Is this a joke? Since when has Hong Kong been known for high living standard? It’s notorious for its terrible quality of life. Literally everything is crap.


Taiwan is a big step down in living standards from Hong Kong? What are you smokin?


I said living standard wise, read salaries. The rich young people that have the means to pack up and go also have the means to apply to the UK, USA and Canada.

Except you didn’t mention salaries at all. You wrote living standard.

Even with higher salaries housing in HK is a complete disaster.

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It’ll be a huge shock to HK professionals to go to Taiwan. HK has a huge head start over Taiwan in terms of Fintech and higher salaries allow higher standards of living.

I suspect most HK professionals will stay where they are, a few will emigrate.

For a very, very limited amount of people who work in finance, they enjoy high standards of living in Hong Kong.

Yeah they will, those who work in finance, but no one was referring to them. This thread is about media.

This thread has gone way off the topic of media long ago, forumosa style.

Singapore would be the easy bet and certainly will capitalize on the fall of Hong Hong. International conferences were pulling up shop and heading in that direction before covid hit.

Of course, this is about media and Korea is better positioned, geographically, and has a gov’t less interested in curtailing free speech.

Taiwan is a freer society than Korea in terms of democratic governance and progressivism.