Woke is Crazy - What even is Woke?

woke = crazy. No normal person is woke!

What makes it crazy?

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Usually it’s the people who push this kind of ideology forward. They make it crazy. Emotion over rationality is almost never a good idea. In fact, ideologies usually suck. People who don’t care that they are pushing ideologies have already slipped over the edge. Just my opinion. Are you woke? Im not woke, I hope.

As long as people don’t push their religion onto others, I don’t care what they believe. Nothing wrong with being “woke” any more than being Westboro Baptist or Freemason or Black Hebrew Isrealite or Pastafarian or Catholic.

But criticising others because they question your ideology makes someone kind of an asshole in my books. If they can’t take the questions, they should keep it in the temple.


I always get the impression non religious people need to replace religion with some other kind of BS. I’m not religious either, so I try not so hang on to some other kind of crazy group. Try to stay as rational as possible. So far so good.

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I dunno, but doesn’t questioning people’s ideology already make you an asshole? I would never go to a Catholic and start questioning their beliefs.

I said

But anyone who preaches their ideology outside of the temple is fair game for questions


People act in a manner consistent with their beliefs (that’s often true even for people who are mentally ill). A belief that permits you or encourages you to harm other people in order to further the cause is inherently dangerous. Most religions include moral codes about kindness, tolerance, nonviolence, or some variant thereof, so it’s kinda pointless getting upset about them. The believers aren’t doing anyone any harm. Some religions don’t have such codes, and IMO they should be criticized by both religious and non-religious folk equally, on the basis that they’re likely to make the world a shittier place if widely adopted.

Woke is a religion. It’s so incoherent and fluid that it doesn’t merit being called a philosophical position. Its core tenet is that anyone who doesn’t agree with whatever daft idea is presently the Grand Unified Theory of wokeness - racism, sexism, transphobia, or whatever it is this week - is an irredeemably bad person and must be crushed. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to oppose this sort of thing without qualification. It’s just plain old bullying and narcissism dressed up with a figleaf of ideology.

Just because something is classed as an ideology doesn’t mean it should be immune to criticism.


Aren’t there crazies in everything though? Does this make the belief system crazy?

Sure, nothing wrong with this.

What is woke? What is defined as woke? Maybe I agree with some things and disagree with others.

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I’m not sure that’s what woke means to me. It seems to be what the defense of woke seems to be though. I’ll give you that.

Being woke is an awareness of how the other guy is doing and where they’ve come from. Casting blame on the state of one’s place in society on another person or group or ideology is the illogical man-gay-trans-feminist-race-women gain-splaining part, which is what catches the eye of the newz busybodies.

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In contrast to what? This is a normal, ordinary human faculty. It’s usually called “theory of mind” or “empathy”.

I’ve seen a few woke crazies on YouTube, and I would suggest it’s the precise opposite. It’s a malfunctioning theory of mind. These people have absolutely no clue how to model other people’s thoughts and feelings, and are obsessed mostly with what they think and feel. Whether this is an organic pathology or a result of bad parenting I have no idea, but it’s quite clearly identifiable.

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No. Maybe things like pushing aggressively would, but there’s nothing wrong with questioning things.

I was going with empathy but, it takes a bit more brain power to get at what people are up to and why.

Yeah, I ignore them. You can be woke and not crazy woke.

Possibly. Absent parents leave space for kids to find themselves . Kids have issues. It can be a bad mix. Again, I don’t like broad strokes one way or the other.

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IMO people were much more adept at this pre-internet. They just practiced more. The average 20-something kid has been immersed in a torrent of digital bullshit from his/her/zeyr earliest years, and has therefore failed to practice guessing what other people are thinking or what they’re about.

It would be nice to be able to just ignore them. However the problem is that they have enormous influence - witness the way they can get people “cancelled” on a whim, or force businesses into particular patterns of (dysfunctional) behaviour. Their messed-up worldview is both infectious and dangerous.


Sure, well, and the sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken.



Part of the woke culture is an extreme Intolerance for anyone that does not agree with the ‘modern’ way of thinking or more specifically groupthink. They are so extreme they wish harm on people that don’t think like they do (cancel culture) backed up by media and society.

So now people who think differently shut up so as not to be ostracized


That is kind of a marker of woke. One is so focused on the righteousness of the instance of justice they’re promoting that they interpret opposition to it as causing harm, which then leads naturally to various kinds of approbation.


Opposition is interpreted as causing harm, while they themselves cause harm not seeing any irony.