Women as sex objects . . . . ?!

I recently came across this forum and would like to ask this question:

If women don’t want to be regarded as sex objects, then why do they buy attractive clothes which emphasize their curves and their protuberances?

You don’t see men wearing clothes that emphasize their genitals.

Women wear clothes which show off their body parts, and then they complain if you stare at them!!! They wear dresses with flimsy underpants, and when the wind blows the dresses go up and you can see nearly all the way to the navel.

My point is that if women don’t want to be regarded as sex objects, then the “women’s fashion design industry” should close up shop immediately. All women should wear simple sack dresses!!

And you know, this is exactly why the Arab women wear veils and full body armour. It is because they want to avoid any chance that a man will regard them as a sex object. Of course, I am not saying that North American, European, Taiwanese, etc. women need to go that far. But sack dresses would certainly be reasonable. There should be no styling considerations whatsoever.

Otherwise, if women want to wear attractive clothing which shows all their curves, then I say every Friday should be “grab my butt and squeeze my bosom” day. In summary, if they don’t want men to notice it, think about it, and drool about it, they shouldn’t emphasize it.

I would be interested in related comments from men and women posters to this forum.

Ah young Marky, women aren’t supposed to make sense. Learn that and all will become clear.

Not if you’re good looking, rich and drive a nice car.

I knew I’d get a chance to reuse my banned avatar eventually. Click the pic if you dare.

And thank god for that!

But really, it comes down to selfish human illogic. Women want men to notice their bodies - the right kind of men, i.e., the attractive (or rich) ones. Acceptable behaviour towards women varies greatly depending on whether you look more like Brad Pitt or Danny DeVito.

I’m thrilled and extremely flattered when I catch some cute xiaojie checking me out. I’m disgusted and repulsed when I catch some ugly old tai-tai or gay man leering at me. It’s illogical to feel disgusted and repulsed whenever someone shows sexual interest in you - logically, the immediate feeling should be of feeling flattered that your body is good enough to be worth checking out, regardless of whether you find the leerer attractive or not. But human feelings are notoriously illogical and erratic.

Also, consider that women get hit on and checked out at a ratio of 10x that of men. Imagine how it would feel if everywhere you went, women were openly staring at your ass and chest and half the women you talked to propositioned you. Well, of course on the first day you’d be thrilled beyond belief. But after the second day, third day, month, year…you’d get pretty disgusted by it and would just like to be left alone, to go somewhere to be free of women’s constant harassment. And it’s not just beautiful sexy women who get treated this way - ordinary looking women have to put up with the same kind of hassle to a lesser degree. Frankly, I’m surprised more women aren’t lesbians, given the alternative we men offer them.


I knew I’d get a chance to reuse my banned avatar eventually. Click the pic if you dare.[/quote]

I dared. I didn’t know (although I guess it shouldn’t be surprising) that there were sites on this stuff.

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I didn’t know pumpkin pie was tasty in luiquid form.

Let’s not jump to conclusions about the motives of some of our veiled brethren. I don’t think many wear veils because they want to. Although most women in Iran are not arab, they do have to mind the way they dress for similar reasons. But this doesn’t stop some from pushing the line in the sand (to coin a phrase). Read this:

[quote=“FARNAZ FASSIHI, Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL,”]The hijab law written into Iran’s constitution after the Islamic Republic’s victory in 1979 made many Iranian women even more determined to bend the rules, an inch at a time, starting with the hemlines. The government pushed back. At first, stores and restaurants shunned women who weren’t properly dressed, and a now-defunct police unit, known as “moral police,” set up checkpoints to stop, fine and even arrest women who violated the rules. That didn’t work, restrictions were eased, and women went wild.

“Everyone wants tight, tight, tight,” said the salesman at the mall. “Let me show you Ms. Alf’s most popular style,” he told Ms. Karimi. “It’s flying off the shelves.”

With that, he pulled a definite no-no off the rack: a paper-thin beige tunic made of stretchy material with two slits on each side. It comes with a matching tank-top to wear underneath and sleeves decorated with brown Indian motifs. Ms. Karimi’s eyes lit up. She quickly tried it on, then paid $35 to make the outfit her own.

online.wsj.com/article_print/0, … 00,00.html[/quote]

Women Like attention, who doesn’t? If I could wear something and attract so much positive attention, I would. Men Just know they can not attract women the same way because men are far more greatly stimulated Visually…whereas women are stimulated more by emotionally…thus to stimulate the girls, start crying!!

There are some Arab women who WANT to wear the veil for that reason, if they do, let them, if they don’t, don’t force them to. All the best to them.

[quote]thus to stimulate the girls, start crying!![/quote] :cry: :cry: sniff :cry: sob :cry: :cry:
Do I make you horny, baby ?

All girlies PM me HERE

Most wome DO want to be used as sex objects. Most women DO enjoy being openly appreciated.

But, as has already been observed, they are annoyingly picky about who they get appreciated and used by - at least in their usual surroundings they are. Hang around in Bali or Benidorm and watch how girls behave on their holidays for further enlightenment. (And some damn fine shagging!) All the usual rules somehow stop applying, and girls suddenly behave just like boys would if they could get away with it.


Me, I’m on a permanent holiday and my basic nature is that of a dog. Albeit not the most successful of dogs.

OK, you men just don’t flippen get it!!!


Sorry, that is the god’s honest brutal truth… Back when I was young and had a better bod, I would occasionally dress up when I was on a “fishing” trip to the local club, but most women dress to impress other WOMEN! Have you noticed that the people who go to the haute couture fashion shows, and have front row seats… for the tightest most revealing outfits are not men… they are women!

No, it is not that we are trying to turn on the other gal, it is just so we can look as good or better than her.

Sorry to deflate all of your egos… but it just ain’t always about you and your “little buddy”

Well I certainly hope Juba is not trying to impress me!

:shock: :shock: :shock:

And Sharky, I read somewhere that women, when at a cocktail party say, know instinctively who is the alpha female; they then specifically target her, be it by gossiping about her or putting her down in front of men.

In general, is this true?

Hum, Alleycat, interesting I will have to ponder that a few, but I see some truth to it…

Of course being the alpha female… perhaps I have not noticed it…

“you think I’m gorgouse, you want to date me…” oh sorry just slipped into my my “Miss Congeniality role”

Ahhh…so you go up to people and rub your thing up against their legs? :wink:

ok so I dared go to the site…

the best part, which can be directly related to the original post is how “women” are sex objects…

Michael’s new surgery…

now who is he trying to impress

oh and they think the photo MAY be fake

Juba, thank you for putting your family photo album on line. I’m sure that I’m not alone in being inspired to do the same…

[quote=“Sandman”]it must take real guts to be photographed like that when your willy is so tiny.[/quote]Not guts, just a rolled up pair of socks.

Speaking from experience there Matthew. At your size, you’ll probably need a pair of 80s-style legwarmers.



[quote=“Sharky”]ok so I dared go to the site…

the best part, which can be directly related to the original post is how “women” are sex objects…

Michael’s new surgery…

now who is he trying to impress

oh and they think the photo MAY be fake[/quote]
Yeah, his nose doesn’t look that normal any more.