Women prefer strong men, say scientists

We weren’t surprised that women found physically strong men attractive … what did surprise us was just how powerful the effect was,” said Aaron Sell, a senior lecturer at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, who led the work. “Our data couldn’t find even a single woman that preferred weaker or feminine male bodies.

But there is hope

“Our results suggest that even if you’re a bit overweight, looking strong can buffer that. Basically, being a strong, fat guy is OK, which I think would bring comfort to many.”


is that really anything remarkable though? i think it would be the same for men if they had to choose a fit or unfit woman’s body.


In a 160 random sample of men, I’d suspect a few would prefer overweight women.

It’s not a huge sample size, but you’d think some women prefer the weaker feminine body.

try it again in taiwan and there would be more than a few i guess.

The biggest surprise here is the Guardian actually had an article on this. Whether they would do it in 2020 though.
But either way, the results are not surprising.

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Actually, previous research shows women prefer macho types for reproduction but choose tender types to raise the kids.


FIFY :slight_smile:


So a guy who is a combination of macho and tender would be perfect?


So then how did mormons get it backwards?

Doesn’t surprise me. I see a pattern to what women date and it’s all athletic type men. I do not know how families are maintained though because athletic people do not necessarily make good family materials.

Perhaps this is why most marriages ends in divorce.

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There’s a lot of tender types raising a macho types kid. That’s why guys should always get a DNA test to be sure, even in a committed relationship.

Except in France where if you do that they heavily fine the father.

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I think religious people tend to buck the instinctual trend but in the long term religious people who marry have the same divorce rate as the general public. Even though they claim to reject divorce.

Eventually no woman wants to be with me. That’s why I feel free to be selfish and run around from one woman to another.

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No women wants to get to know me enough to want to be with me. They often judge a book by its cover.

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Ha, the guardian published this only a month ago. Which basically claims fit guys are more attractive, but fatties are preferred dad material.

Dunno about that study.

This guy is a father of 5. But it probably helps that his wife is also a fitness buff.

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The OP study was also only using university students (both the pictures used and women who were asked). Who’s really looking for a potential father of their future children at that age?


Good point, but I do think that the smartest women in uni are, in addition to taking care of their own future job-wise, looking precisely for a potential father of their future children.

It’s a female mating strategy millennia old (at that age, not at uni per se), and I suspect it won’t change anytime soon.

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Lol is this a revelation? All my female friends overwhelmingly swipe for athletic looking guys. Not to say they don’t swipe for guys with more than 1% body fat, but there’s def way less hesitation if you look like Chris Hemsworth.

Male or female, unfortunately we’ve been marketed and conditioned since birth a certain level of vanity and preconceived notions of attractiveness. Social media ain’t real, but the effects of it sure are.


But how do we know that the raters were those women? Also, just picking between torso pictures doesn’t really equal picking your future mate, which they have also added at the end of their study (in different words of course!).

I also wonder if they would get the same result if they used say, Taiwanese University students, so it’s not really conclusive. I liked reading their article though! I’m also a bit interested in one of the other studies they mentioned regarding the faces, I want to see who did the rating then.

Also, love this :rofl::