Work in Taipei as a foreigner at a non-teaching job

I need some advice in regards to possibly relocating to Taiwan for a year.
I am from a non-English speaking country (however my English is fluent and I have certificates to prove that) so I could not work as an English teacher and the language of my native country does not have much demand in Taiwan.

I have a diploma in marketing and am planning to get a bachelors, however currently only have the diploma (which is a certificate I got after completing 1 year of studies in the field)

I have limited experience in the field (about a year in a minor assisting job) as I have only recently finished my studies

I do have over 4 years of experience in hospitality, however I have heard it is not so much in demand industry for foreigners in Taiwan.

I am also learning traditional chinese intensively on my own and have been for the past year.

Now my question is does anyone know or have experience in getting a job legally in Taiwan in similar conditions or could make any suggestions.

Help greatly appreciated!

First, why do you wanna come here? I wouldn’t happen that out of the blue you just heard Taiwan and though, let’s relocate.

Second, Taiwan is NOT a good place to search for work, specially for non-teaching jobs, Salary are low, the working environment is BAD and career progression will be severely restricted and you might even find myself in a rather obscure situation being stuck here.

Third, As a foreigner looking for non-teaching jobs, the jobs I can think are related to IT, Marketing, Sales or perhaps editing/Tech-writing work. All of those jobs will pay you less (considering you do not have experience in those fields) and it would be a struggle early on.

Finally, if you are looking for relocation, then you should really work on your Mandarin since that would help immensely in the long run, but then again, I can not get my head across the fact that why would you choose Taiwan to relocate where the language, culture, education, job, money , air etc. all are different from what most people are used to and would take time getting accustomed. .


Which country are you relocating from?

OP here.

I am currently relocating from Australia, however I am not local here and do not hold a passport here.

I have a reason for relocating to Taiwan, however I do not want to disclose it on the forum.

I have a diploma in marketing and some experience, but it is not a bachelor degree or a required 2 year work experience

I think a foreigner from a non English speaking country without these two things needs a really good luck to get a work permit, unless having a Taiwanese spouse.

The only possibility I thought of is your language on your passport related jobs. But iirc, you need 2 year diploma.

I do not have a Taiwanese spouse.
I know it would help with a visa.
I do have a few friends and connections there that could possibly help, but that is different obviously

Are you attractive? I dated a attractive foreign girl whos job was to greet people in the lobby at a hotel. And she was given a nice room to stay at her hotel.

My passport language will not help me that is definite.
I speak two relevant languages including English. However I’m not native in either

I have 4 years of experience in hospitality in various roles.
I was thinking that could help me, but I don’t have any qualifications for that

Hospitality doesn’t pay very much in Taiwan though. If you really want to do that, go somewhere else. You’d probably get 35k at a high end hotel. My friends gf works at the W and only make 38k after 2 years on the job.

But you don’t speak much Chinese so it’s a hard sell.

Thank you for the response.
I am looking at Taiwan as it is a rather convenient option for me besides going home where the pay is even lower.

I don’t speak much Chinese, but I do spend a lot of time practicing so I am hoping to improve.
Should I opt to take an HSK test or is that irrelevant? I have checked HSK1 level and could pass it no problems, but I don’t know if I should or which level to go for. If that is even relevant or useful

no tourist from your country?

Jobs that foreigners can do and required qualifications are explained in the government site. You need to look for the one you can get a work permit.

Foreign Professionals to Work in Taiwan

There could be some tourists, but I guarantee nobody is interested in learning the language in Taiwan…which is a shame

Thank you very much for the link !

Why I thought was a tourism related job targeting people from your country.

Possibly not from my country, but I’m fluent in Russian as well…I believe there should be some tourists from Russia…what do you think?

Not many Russians here. Only like young models shipped here for temporary contacts.

Alright thank you

Yah, some contacts are only for minutes…or so I’ve heard

I’ve known several non-native English speakers working here in various jobs, but all of them had significant qualifications. The problem isn’t just finding a job. You will have a hard time finding anyone to hire you, but even if they want to, you need a work permit. To qualify for a work permit, you would almost certainly need a degree in an industry that is under-provided for by Taiwanese labor. Marketing is not in short supply. You might get a job in hospitality, but you would likely need a degree in the subject and management experience. It really seems like you don’t have the right qualifications, and you should start looking for other options like staying here as a student.
Also, if you’re from Southeast Asia, you might get work as a domestic helper or factory worker through an agency in your country, but that’s not a fun life.


Taiwanese government has scholarship programs for foreign students. Different requirements for work permits are applied to graduates of taiwanese universities.