World's safest (and unsafest airlines) named. Guess who is last?

Don’t know where to put this:

World’s top 10 safest airlines

  1. Finnair
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. Cathay Pacific
  4. Emirates
  5. Etihad Airways
  6. Eva Air
  7. TAP Portugal
  8. Hainan Airlines
  9. Virgin Australia
  10. British Airways

The bottom 10
51. SkyWest Airlines
52. South African Airways
53. Thai Airways
54. Turkish Airlines
55. Saudia
56. Korean Air
57. GOL Transportes Aéreos
58. Air India
59. TAM Airlines
60. China Airlines

Source: Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre

That looks at a 30-year period.

Not all of the airlines there are that old. While others – notably including China Airlines – have good safety records in recent years. So the list is not especially helpful for deciding what airlines to avoid now.

I used to refuse to fly China Airlines if possible. But these days I wouldn’t mind.


All I remember about China Airlines was their appalling food and lack of options. “Would you like pork or pork?”

You are right,some only fly 20% of the volume also,so it is not very accurate…I am trying to convince myself as I have to use China in a few weeks time :ponder: They gaave me a shiny Gold card woohoo,then you find out that is a low level as they have Platinum,Purple flower thing, Plutoneum blah blah above Gold :frowning: Collecting miles is useful with one Airline and using lounges etc. is nice.Business class is so nice sometimes ,I dread going Pigs and Chickens but we have to suffer in times of Financial difficulty :cry:

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Like all such surveys, I treat this one with a grain of salt. Those behind it have hardly been heard of in the Aviation Industry. Just look at their amateurish website.

Criteria can also be very selective - years, passengers flown etc, etc. British Airways lost a 772 at LHR a couple of years back, yet they come in 10th. China Airlines and Korean Airlines are still paying for events 10+ years old, Qantas dropped down because of 3 serious incidents (Golf Course visit at Bangkok, Oxygen bottle explosion near Manila, and the Singapore A380 engine pop), Japan Airlines for the crash near Fuji, Singapore for SQ006…etc, etc.

Much the same can be said for the various Best Airline/Airport surveys etc…in all my flying over the years, I have NEVER been asked to fill in a survey regarding one Airline vs another, Airport vs Airport etc. Makes you wonder where they get the data from and by what means.

Can’t be worse than Air Koryo. Which I’ve flown on.

China Airline’s frequent flyer program:

die nasty

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I flew with them a couple of weeks ago Taipei - Australia and back and the food was fantastic. I’d requested an Asian vegetarian meal and got Indian food that would easily hold its own with any of Taiwan’s better Indian restaurants.


I suspected. That’s why I rather took the train in and out of North Korea. Although, flying Air Koryo might quite add to the adventure. :smiley:

I have no problem with China Airlines. They fly Taoyuan-Vienna directly non-stop, so no complaints from my side for sure. I’ve had worse food, either. And I like their movies. :sunglasses:

I agree with yinggeaussie that this survey must be influenced by incidents from many years ago. I sometimes make jokes about CA that “If they go down, they REALLY go down”, though.

Korean Air was also near the bottom of that list. So how are things going for them lately?

The answer seems to be: not well.




At least they didn’t kill anyone this time.


Looks like the Aircraft is a write-off. Airport won’t be happy either, as it took out the ILS antenna, which probably means no Instrument landings until such time that it gets fixed.


I flew a 50 year old Ilyushin iL 18
From bourgas to Sophia once

Didn’t feel safer than the Tu154 I flew there in

Given a choice of China airlines or Korean or Asiana I would choose China airlines

Strangely air China has a better safety record

It does appear that China Airlines (CI) has done what it can over the past twenty years to improve its (formerly atrocious) safety culture.

The Korean carriers (this includes Asiana) meanwhile have struggled with adjusting the hierarchical power dynamics among the pilots, in which, say, a junior pilot spots a problem and is terrified to say anything to the senior pilot (this is apparently what happened with Asiana’s botched landing at SFO a decade ago . . . ).



What is more dangerous? Going into your bathroom or taking a flight with the worst airline there is? Airline accidents are so rare that safety records are rather meaningless.


I cannot complain at all about CI in the last ten years or so. Didn’t fly them super often, but the few flights I did, was satisfied. Did HKGTPE (return), TPENRT (return) and FCOTPE (return), the latest one was on their delightful A350. Food was ok, not the best, but far from the worst, attendants may not be as cute as Eva’s one, but they did their job professionally.

It was the usual awful government owned big corporation, but after it shifted to a more private company style of management, it became a decent choice if the prices/timeslots are better than the competition.


I completely agree. Folks who fly their A350 routes seem to quite like it.



Very nice bird, very quiet, love the mood lighting.

Like the 787s of Eva, state of art tech, more spacious than the 777s, but they lack Premium Economy (the A350 has it instead). The most improved thing really is the noise, so much quieter both of them. The 777s were workhorses, but quite noisy!

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I actually loved flying the 777s on Cathay—before the grim densified economy seating made the experience deeply unfun. :slightly_frowning_face:



I find them quite noisy as I said, especially towards the back (I reckon it’s the air filtering system).

Now CX is a pale shadow of itself, will end up doing only regional flights within the Greater Bay Area and shuttle services to Shanghai and Beijing. What a sad state!