Would Be Nice to Have OP (Original Poster) Visible

I was reading through a thread with lots of questions and discussion, and realize there are few (none?) ways to identify the OP without scrolling all the way to the top of the thread.

Trying to decide who needs to know what, but cannot visibly see who started the thread when going through it.

Could be helpful if OP could be shown continuously when looking at threads.

This thread for example. I’m reading it, trying to catch up, who asked, who is replying, but can’t see OP when reading the thread. Bit of a cluster. Me, others, just responding to whatever without knowing which one started the thread and has maybe the most vested interest.

A circle with a letter inside it before opening the thread isn’t enough.


Yes. Would be nice

Agreed, a little “OP” label next to the username would be nice.

Who the OP is/was is already there to see.

When I Open the forum, I have it set to this page:


Then out to the right are 5 icons, the first being the OP, the last being the most recent. Hover your mouse over them to see. For instance, the “Cat of the Day” thread, hover the mouse over the first icon and it says “Steviebike - Original Poster”


You don’t have to scroll up. Just click the title and you’ll be at the top instantly.


That too, or click on the date of the first post out to the right.

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And after that, there is a blue “Back” button at bottom right to get back to where you were.


With respect, I think that misses the point that others in the thread are trying to make - we’ve always had the ability to figure out who the OP is, but it would be more convenient to be able to track who’s OP and who’s replying within the thread and not have to re-check every time there are updates or we forget who the OP is.

Though I guess this doesn’t matter too much for things like the open threads or someone reopening a 16-year-old thread. Maybe have it on certain threads, or be able to turn it on/off at mods’ discretion?

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It might be. For my part, I can’t really see the utility of it, but that’s just me. It’s not an option that’s included anywhere in this software, and that constrains our options a bit. Can you (or anyone) give a more concrete suggestion about how this might work?


Seems to me like the identity of the OP is irrelevant in most threads, and obvious in the ones where it is relevant.


This one is a good example of it.
The discussion is ongoing, but is it useful to know that @tango42 started it? I don’t think so.

Especially since he opens so many topics… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maybe we should just make @tango42’s title “OP”


To be honest, this kind of feature would really be a deep-within-software kind of feature that would require the devs of Discourse to add in. If you’d like to request this kind of feature, feel free to go to

and add your opinion there. They’d be able to help a bit more.

I do have an account there so I can ensure that @tango42’s topics NEVER go without replies.

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