Would it?

Would my many anti-China/CCP/PLA/HKPF postings (on redddit, FB, here, etc) get me banned when I plan to visit next year?

Winston and Tye seem fine…

I’ve been wondering this. I guess it can certainly possible if you make enough noise. Having a Taiwan stamp on your passport is probably the thing to get your visa rejected though.

Or being a Forumosa member. Insta-perma-ban :wink:


If posting publicly, and they check, then probably one of the consideration factors.

That wasn’t an issue when I live there. Visited Taiwan twice via Kinmen.

Did get some stares when I shouted “FREEDOM!!” as I got off the boat from Xianen to Kinmen.


No way of knowing, but hopefully the Mainland would have bigger fish to fry.

Do you post under your real name? If not, how would they know?

Would it?

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:crystal_ball: My reply is no

But if it would, how would they know?

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I do. I was hyper critical of Xi etc on WeChat.

I definitely won’t be setting foot on the mainland anytime soon. Damn near all I do is talk shit. They’d disappear me to the Uighur death camps. See, there I go talking shit right now.

I have been to China with a pasport full of Taiwan stamps, hundred times. I never had a problem. If you think they care about every person posting their opinions, you think too much.

In your case, you’d probably end up in a hot pot. :hushed:

That’s fair. The things I say are deliberately inflammatory, though. Fuck you, Xi!


You only going to catch attention if you are high profile people. If you are an average joe, nobody cares what you have to say really.

Yes. A BIG FUCK YOU to Xitler.

Any way to edit or delete those old posts?

Why take a chance?