Would this program be accepted in Taiwan?

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Would this program be accepted by public/private/international schools in Taiwan?

Do you mean the teacher licence obtained through this program? What kind of licence would you get at the end?

Will this program allow you to teach in the States? If so, which states? You need to ask them if they don’t post this on their website. They say “three states” but I would make sure by finding out which states and contacting the DOE (dept of education) in those states.

If this program allows you to teach in the States, then yes it’ll allow you to teach in Taiwan. If not, then it’s a no-go in Taiwan.

I have an alternative teaching certificate from a different program. My certificate technically allows me to teach in the States (but it’s not a competitive certificate, which is why I’m now teaching in Taiwan). I contacted the department of education in Pennsylvania and made sure. If it’s a real program, the DOE in your state (or the state that issues it) will definitely know about it.

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Which program did you complete? What concerns me is the on-line component. Isn’t that a no-no for teacher credentials in Taiwan?

If you already have a bachelors degree, how you get a teacher licence is not a matter in taiwan. They just check whether your licence is valid or not.

@SamVines I just PM’d you the program I used

I’ve explained this program here: Do I have realistic expectations?

…and I’ve also explained why I don’t like posting the name of the program publically on these forums (but I’m happy to give out the name over PM)

But definitely double-check with the DOE. If you’re unable to get through to the DOE (because their main line will put you on hold forever), contact the program and ask who their contact is in the DOE (they should have one). Do a Google search for that person’s name and make sure that this person really does work for the DOE and then call them.

My certificate looks like it’s been printed out on cardstock at 7-11. Schools in the States raise an eyebrow at it, but not schools in Taiwan. I can’t teach in the States because there are too many teachers States-side with prestigious certifications that schools would rather hire. But if a school in Taiwan did raise an eyebrow, I could tell them to call this number of a guy who works in the DOE and I’m 100% sure that he will say that I have a legitimate certification.

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Unless things have changed, you can teach public school in Taiwan with just a substitute teaching certificate. And there are some states that let you get that by mail. I looked into it once and the only difficult hurdle was getting an FBI background check because you had to submit an authenticated fingerprint set. It was doable, but I didn’t want to work all day and I heard the English Village program was stupid. Are the schools here still doing that?