Would you be willing to die and be buried in Taiwan as an expat?


Ok, as a newbie here to Forumosa, I find the discussions thus far rather illuminating. I would like to pose a question that has not likely be posted here. Many of you Forumosans seem quite keen on the island, and I would be wondering just how far and willing you are to go all the way native. So my question is, Would you be willing to Die and Be Buried in Taiwan as an Expat? If so why? If not why not?

Further questions:
At what age would you think of preparing for your death (assuming your still in good health?) How many of you have a valid Will (either in Taiwan or abroad)?

How many of you have life insurance?

If you found out you had the Big C or some other communicable disease that threatened your life, would you stay in Taiwan or leave?

How many of you are retirees who have contemplated these questions?




Yes. Because its my home.

If i got a baf illness i would search the globe teying to get better. But want to be burried here still.

I made a will soon after getting my drivers license.

If its home, people tend not to think about leaving for burials. If people who live here dont feel at home, thats a problematic issue worth discussion.

Taiwan is my home. I dont think about leaving due to death. But would cinsider it if the china scenario got serious.

I would also become a taiwanese citizen in a heartbeat if the gov here would value dual citizenship without the current hypocritical situation. Tbis would create a huge feeling of belonging to a place if they were alowed to be equal.


How would this work in practice? :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t get why people would care where their bones are buried. It’s not a political statement. I’m more interested in what happens to me while I’m still breathing.


Ok lets get more specific, if you knew you were to die, would you want the dying process here in Taiwan (end of life care etc) or abroad?


Ill die here. People can jam my body into one of those shrine things and come clean my grave and burn some stuff/ pray for me once a year.

Also if you plan on coming back as a ghost, Taiwan is definitely where you wanna be. There seems to be lots of paranormal activity on this island. I’d probably be able to find a QT 3.14 ghost gf I could hang with in the afterlife. We could go on spooky dates to “diiiinnnn taaaaiiii funnnnngg” that’s probably how I will talk once I’m a ghost.

If I get the “big c” I’ll probably go back to Canada for treatment, then have my remains sent back to Taiwan.


Depends what was wrong with me. I intend to go out like this:


My wife’s dad is a prominent pig farmer in the area. He said he’d look after everything.


so … you’re going to end up as xiaolongbao?


If only.


Um…none of your business?


As a brand new forumosan, is your mission in life to tirelessly start threads on taboo or cliched topics?

Please bring some value to this community or please go somewhere else. The internet is a big place, I’m sure you’ll find a spot that fits.



I’m interested in the number estimate of foreigners in China wanting to die in China, if you have the estimate.


Getting kinda heavy on the first date, Martha. How about we discuss the weather first before moving on to mortality and being buried?

But no, I’d rather go back to the west sometime in the next decade. Famous last words, I know. One place I do NOT want to ever be buried is mainland China though. My grave site will be redeveloped and turned into a condo by next Tuesday.

All to do with death? How cheerful.


I’ve no reason to believe my good friend William is fake. Thus, he’s a valid Will afaik.

Are you selling?

Cancer is not a “communicable disease” unless you’re a Tasmanian Devil. All communicable means is infectious. The common cold is communicable.

I don’t think many people here are retired…


I want to be cremated and my ashes thrown preferably in Bitan or at least the ocean. I am trying to get the legal down, as I guess my family would not respect my wishes. But this is home, this is where I stay.

My only worry is my fur kids.

As I have told you guys before, I have survived civil unrest, car accidents, fires, apendicitis and armed robberies. Any day can be the last, enjoy each moment but prepare for the worst.


All I ask is to be embalmed and put in a pyramid. With strippers for that extra touch of class.


I think we all know this is a distinct possibility.


I would love if my body were left unchanged after my death (no formaldehyde), if I were then buried in the ground, and if my body could provide the sustenance for an oak tree or a walnut tree to grow over my remains. I’d love to end up being oak food.

Probably not going to know about it, and I don’t think it’s possible in the States or here, but I get a kick thinking about it anyway.


Death mushroom suit.


Looks like it might be possible in one US State, at least: