Would you rather

Figured we could ask each other dumb questions.

Would you rather eat stinky tofu or get COVID?

Eat stinky tofu. Then I can have diarrhea once and get on with it.

Would you rather take shelter in deep shelter or shallow shelter?


Deep shelter away from aliens and what have you.

Would you rather throw up on a stranger in public or go without AC or fan on a hot Taiwan day?

Get Covid

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Just one day? Yeah I’d prefer that

Would you rather have sex with a 75 year old prostitute in Wanhua, or be fucked by the hottest ladyboy in Taiwan? Sorry if I stepped it up a bit


Ladyboy, if I can be on top.

Would you rather drink rancid milk or fresh cow piss?


Man that’s a good one. I’m not sure.

I think cow piss. At least you wouldn’t get sick

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Neither, because I worry you’ll supply both.


Sure, coming right up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would you rather shart an hour into a 10 hour flight or pee dribble in your shorts 30 minutes into a first date?


Pee dribble into shorts. You could have your friend call a fake emergency.

Would you rather a video on YouTube become popular because a monkey threw poop which landed on your face or you broke your arm lifting 2 kg

Monkey shit on my face.

Would you rather see your parents have sex or have your parents watch you have sex?

See parents surely. No wait. Yes. But. You have a twisted mind.

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stink it up.

deep shelter.

throw up but solely for the story.

ladyboy x2


dribble for sure. easy clean up. blame it on the sink etc.

broken arm not into poop stuff i draw the line at piss drinking.

see parents definitely. shame is far more powerful than vicarious embarrassment.

would you rather take a swig of someone else’s binglang spit or have to take a 15 minute swim in gaoliang (the strong kind)?


Swim in gaoliang. I heard it’s good for the skin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would you rather be the player who kicks the match penalty out off the field or the supporter who got knocked out by the ball?

I wonder how drunk you would get just from your body soaking it up. Still, I’d rather swim in it than take a swig of someone’s binglang spit

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What did I just read. This is probably the worst thread ever. Has everyone started drinking early today?


I’m on second beer. It’s HOT!
But yeah, someone (unnamed) has either seen his parents have sex or his parents have seen him have sex, and he’s curious what level of weirdness that is.


Would you rather read this thread or listen for two hours to @finley harping on about COVID?