Would you stay or would you go?

What would it take to convince you living in Taiwan was no longer in your best interest and it was time to leave?

  • If China launched a full military invasion.
  • If China established a naval blockade.
  • If Taiwanese decided on their own to unify peacefully with China.
  • If Taiwan officially declared independence.

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How about one more with option to stay like the subject title

none of these
I would stay.

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Which one would give the ID card without needing to relinquish your own nationality first ?

How about: Realising how insignificant Taiwan is on global scale and staying here longer becomes a hindrance to your future goals and aspirations

Our future is to grow old and eventually die. All of us. If one can do that here comfortably regardless of whoever is ruling the island, then Taiwan’s global significance means squat.

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Nothing wrong with that at all. I guess different people have different levels of ambition. I meant it in a career sense.

The chance of any of us foreigners striking it rich here is miniscule. Very few ever achieve a posh life here. Most just live a modestly comfortable existence until we get bored of it here or die.

Well we definitely all die although you never know as if a way is found to stop the telomeres getting worn away we might live forever.


Everytime I read about the guy getting chopped up recently, I kept thinking about this SNL skit for some reason.

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I’ll take a vacation then back until things get worse than Hong Kong.

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I lived in a camper van for a year (often by the river) it was nice, not that much smaller than a Taiwan apartment although the police would tell you to move on a lot which was kind of annoying.
Anyway I’d stay if China invaded I’ve got no where to go. My family abroad is all dead now I’ve only got family here.

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Option E: If Costco’s and Jason’s shut.


I imagine if the fourth option happened then the first or second would undoubtedly follow.


It’s already a tough place to have a career.

Ugh. I’mma have to go with option 6 regarding the safety of our nuclear reactors

I managed to build on the one I had from back home, but I’ve hit the ceiling now.

Lot of money to be made outside Taiwan (especially, at this time, in the US).

So that’s where you disappeared to!