Would you take the Covid vaccine?

It looks like vaccines will start to roll out in some places in December. Would you guys/girls take one of the vaccines? I kept the poll anonymous.

Would you take a covid vaccine?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but after other people take it first.
  • Undecided

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Definitely yes if it would let me travel like normal.


If taking the vaccine is safe and results in being able to travel freely, then you bet I would.

I am less interested in effectivity since I believe I’ve already had cv19, or something very closely related, and in any case am willing to rely on my own immune system.

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Heck yes… can’t wait to get my vaccine visa.

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Inject it right into my veins baby!


Yes, I will line up once they expand beyond first responders and higher risk groups.

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Well there’s a shock. Next you’ll be telling us you’re skeptical about the coronavirus in general. :smirk:


I am and my sister apparently had it.
I go of Dr Roger Hodkinson etc. who see it as another flu.
If you want to take it great for you. If I don’t what is the problem? You and the rest wouldn’t be able to catch it, I would apparently. I would like to take my chances with no vaccine, you can take yours with it.

I’m betting it’s going to be a requirement for some jobs. These vaccine hesitant people might lose their teaching jobs. Just my guess

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One problem could be unvaccinated populations serving as reservoirs for the generation of mutated strains of the virus that vaccinated populations won’t have immunity too. You would also be messing with the grand plans of Bill Gates and the Rothschild family and communists to implant us all with GPS nanotrackers, create autists to work on NSA codebreaking programs, and give 5% of us mild headaches and muscle pain to boost Big Pharma’s acetaminophen sales so they can funnel money back to Kamala Harris’s 2024 reelection campaign and make the U.S. an S.A.R. of the P.R.C. Shit, I’ve said too much. Just the first thing.


You would have a point if this was killing even 10% of the population. But less than 1%? ‘But the new mutations could kill more’. I doubt it.
And the vaccines will not make things ‘normal’ again. They have already said that.

I don’t expect any vaccine will be effective for long, this thing mutates too quickly. It’ll probably look more like an annual flu shot for awhile, suggested for the people in high risk categories. I guess I would take the vaccine, but only after the people who actually needed it, first and foremost healhcare providers, frontline workers, people who need to be out to keep society somewhat functional, and of course, the geriatrics (no offense to the more seasoned forumosans here) or predisposed to health complications.

Yes, and it’s not even close call. I want life to return to normal. I want to see my parents who are in their 70s. Pfizer has a solid reputation; they gave us Viagra after all. :sunglasses: If there were problems in trials, it would’ve been reported on.

EDIT: I mean, I’d wait until the healthcare workers and elderly took it first. But I wouldn’t wait to see if it’s “safe.”


That’s not what they told me.

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I wonder what “they” @cake is referring to.


No. At least not until it’s absolutely unnecessary.


I don’t think you’d like that very much. It’s supposed to be an intramuscular injection.

I’d like to see the elderly and other at-risk groups vaccinated and then pause for a while to see what happens. If suddenly deaths drop substantially do we really need to vaccinate everyone? Let the virus rip through everyone else.

I know, someone’s going to give the “but the virus will mutate” line. But it’s going to do that anyway. It’s highly financially convenient for the producers of vaccines that everyone is going to have to get vaccinated - probably on an annual basis.


I’m going to wait a while to ensure it’s relatively safe. Let others that want and need it more than me get it first.

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