Wtb - French roast coffee (non-Star_ucks) whole bean 454g?

I shop, px ,welcome , rt, carrefour,
And cant find french roast dark coffee beans

Does anyone know where to get some at a fair price non star_ucks possibly online if not bad shipping process

Tired of blah medium roasted beans

Thanks for any info, also if not french but dark refer me to what you like!

Cama’s beans are usually dark roast. But the package size might be smaller than 454g.

Where do you live?

Old skool. You could try ‘Mocca’ from Carrefour in the brown kilo bags. That’s about as dark as I’ve had here without it tasting like ash.

I thought i have try all mocha… i will confirm as neihu rt has more mocha options .
I think i have tried tan, brown , blue…
I mix mocca with other coffees i find on bogo or big sale.

I almost tried cama dark px had bogo… but i missed it .Packages we ok sized

I just remember in the coffee shops the cama beans were white… some how i cant get dark and oily from white beans but thats a mental block

Nangang park but i travel to Datong District on a normal day

Don’t know much about coffee (except for drinking a lot of it), but would recommend trying Oklao if you haven’t before - they have multiple branches around Taipei/Taiwan.

I’ve been buying almost all of my coffee from there for about 4 years now, after trying several different places when I first arrived in Taiwan. I usually buy their medium roast and Italian espresso (which is apparently darker than French roast?) for use in a moka pot - 454g bags are NT$300 with buy two get one free*, so NT$200 per bag, which is far cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen. They have a couple of dozen other (and much more expensive) varieties too.

*I’m not sure whether that’s a regular promotion or the guy in the shop just likes me. They often don’t have the promotional sign outside except during holiday periods, but that’s the price I’ve always paid.

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There’s Fengda in Ximending, if you tell the guy the day before he’ll roast them however you like them.

Is he pricey? Ill try to find him and check it out thanks

It always seemed fair to me, not Costco cheap but not crazy. Their Cuban is great and not super expensive, if you have some extra cash.

I think Feng Da is right on the money, I remember him having a French roast last time I was there. He uses it as a blender for his espresso roast. If you look at the espresso roast in the window you will see it dotted with black French roast beans. He may have even sold the French roast separately.

Feng Da is some crazy old school roasting.

Love sitting there and having a cup of their syphon coffee!


Yeah the caffeine content in those syphons is off the charts. Just my cup of tea… I mean err coffee.

Steps from Ximen MRT Station; around the corner from the iconic Red House. Easy peasy!


Cool i know the red house!
Ill stop by and check it soon

You can find them on FB under 蜂大咖啡

If you’re down for buying online, I have been drinking KhooKam Coffee, roasted in TaiChung (shoppe link) and shipped to our place in New Taipei fairly quickly. He roasts fresh beans constantly, and his roast profiles are usually darker than most specialty coffee places, but the flavors are still there. “French” roasts are usually darker roasts, and I’ve been very disappointed by many “roasters” in Taiwan who buy their own roasting machines, but end up making harsh cardboard-tasting coffee. KhooKam not only roasts a darker profile in general, but he is able to retain many of the unique flavors in the beans.

For “French”-style darker roasts, check out his “Dark blend,” “Columbia,” or “India

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Got oklao @rt

Andrew is this roast ok?

Neihu rt building self check mess haha great store! But self check sucks

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Is their blend: https://shopee.tw/苦甘咖啡烘焙者-|-khuì‑kháu-Blend-氣口綜合-中深焙-i.122697269.5404709888

whole bean ? I can’t see anywhere in the description. Normally important information around whether a bean is ground or whole is in the summary…