Wtb or rent circular saw, skill saw, or blades

That only works if he bought the wood there. If the wood came from elsewhere, like scraps, they won’t help you.

Also the mom and pop construction stores have a cut charge too for cutting. Something like 30-40nt per cut.

That’s why you need to calculate the sizes, and limit cuts.

I found many that would rip ply for me but price was 30nt a cut haha

I might get those 4 inch blades for the angle grinder. I mean sometimes I have large sheet of ply, especially birch ply that is really heavy. It would help if I can at least break it down enough for it to fit on a band saw. I don’t want to have to buy another tool, especially I have little to no use for a jig saw.

Im a hack , build as i go. Haha

Day 1 in the books it’s tequila friday …
Just need to finish the other 2 ends and assemble then cross support under .
In photo is one of the beefcake legs
Vaneer was glued down

So they are about 2 foot x 8 foot and about 1 foot deep
We are not doing any giant plants in these two , next two maybe deep …

only two long sides are visible so vaneer only there


I will waterproof/ paint all exposed woods, lining inside and cloth screen open bottom

That’s too bad. I hope the local hardware stores don’t die out… What about larger machinery as I am setting up a shop? I’m debating bringing things from US if I cant find a reliable source for bandsaws, drill press etc… I hear that Taichung is the place for that but I have not found any dealers.

Woodworking machines aren’t easy to find in Taiwan. But you can get what you need from Taobao, shipping isn’t as high as you think.

Taichung is a machinery manufacturing hub, not just local dealers. Many also have a factory somewhere else in Asia, so mainly offices and showrooms remain.

Most of these are big cnc machines. But there are lots of metalworking machines, you can find lathes, mills, and band saws. You just have to figure out how to adapt them for wood