Xenophobia towards prospective Indian blue collar migrant workers in Taiwan

There has been news recently about a potential agreement between India and Taiwan regarding sending 100k Indians to Taiwan to perform blue collar migrant worker jobs as there is a current shortage.

There were recent polls conducted on Dcard/PTT and the public sentiment has been increasingly negative and xenophobic, with 80-90% opposing this and stating that Indian men are rapists. Over 2000 people participated in the polls.


Some pictures from the poll (note 2000+ votes)


A lot of those comments are Ko paid shills. PTT and DCard are full of Ko paid shills now.

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Taiwanese hide behind their use of Chinese a lot.


I used to like Indian girls in high school, but a lot of them were daughters of millionaires and billionaires, and are very elitist and hard to be friends with.

Maybe this will increase the pool of indian women here who aren’t elites.

I saw a news about how this will cause housing price to go up.

The poster prefers “comparatively law-abiding Chinese people”… :sweat_smile:


I kind of ignored the comments, but more than 2000 people participated in the polls and the results are very very negative. Still possible that most are robots or paid votes, but given personal experience I doubt that the results would differ drastically if we removed those purchased votes.


What about the other girls, where they hard to be friends with too?


I think they are just regular members voting but these kind of threads will attract more motivated people to vote …the anti whatever brigade…

That said a lot of Taiwanese have fairly racist views


They were too down to earth and friendly. So it was hard to talk to them.


They weren’t easy but compared to elite indians, much easier.

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They didn’t run away…that’s good

Because??? :slight_smile:

It seems a fair amount of Taiwanese wet dreams are about ‘house prices going up’.


Probably number of people coming in causing demand to go up.

更)印度移工是輪姦 - Dcard

There was a study somewhere that the most compatible personalities between a couple are a Chinese man and Indian woman. Can’t find the study anymore.

I will go vote agree on that poll

Stop wasting your time on Dcard. It’s a troll farm. Those discussions are all paid shills.

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I came across an Indian man who said he was from Agra at the park in Taichung. He was pushing a little girl not much older that my daughter on the swing.

I started chatting to him and he was very friendly. Then her mom came over… and she was horrified and pulled her daughter away.

He casually power walks away and then I ask the mom if he was the girls dad… Turned out, nope he was just some stranger…

I am not saying all Indians a like this, but my god! It is either he is very ignorant or very brazen


Sana Hashmi has been posting about this issue on twitter. Is Taiwan ready for blue collar workers from India?

What caught my attention earlier was the Taiwan government’s stated preference, as negotiations are going forward, that these workers come from India’s northeast, which shares some “culture” with us in Taiwan. By that I presume that were simply saying: they are not dark brown people therefore that’s better. :neutral_face:



I hope you’re not implying that there’s anything wrong with the people expressing their own opinion and being against forceful cultural enrichment in the form of 100k foreigners from far far away. If the people don’t want it, and this is supposed to be a democracy btw, why should they be forced to accept it? This has just trudeau vibes.


Its more about being anti-Indian than anti-immigration isn’t it?

In China they are even worse. In the short time I lived there I heard all kinds of insults aimed at them. I mean they were insulting everyone but i never heard something like Japanese and Koreans are stinky and a refusal to eat their food.