Xi Jinping seeks 'lovable' image for China in sign of diplomatic rethink -

Does this mean that Winnie the Pooh is now back in in China?

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I don’t find to be honest China as bullying country okay they are harsh on Taiwan or South china sea because Taiwan and South china sea belongs to China, we must all accept that Taiwan is not a country its just a illegal goverment

No, Mainland Taiwan, Taiwan Tibet and all of Taiwan Mongolia along with the entire North West South East Taiwan Sea belongs to Taiwan.


The issue is it’s always about China’s image not about actual international cooperation. The world, including China, would benefit from them actually wanting to play ball fairly and contribute as they rise. They want all the benefits of being a super power and developed nation without any of the responsibilities.



It’s the Panchen lama !

I don’t find the Panchen to be honest, as a lama

China will always be a bullie in their neo-imperialistic strife to control east asia. If they really want to be seen as lovable country, they’d make honest efforts to resolve the taiwan question peacefully, and most importantly stop the genocide on non-han people.


This 100%

Every time the West has been “nice” to China, they take advantage but keep on with their old ways

This was the original thinking back in the 1980’s. Invite them into trade deals. Let them participate. Eventually, through open markets, they will become more Democratic.

What happened instead? Aggressive IP theft. More censorship. Territorial expansion. Concentration camps. Clamp down on Hong Kong.

Time to hit the “reset” button, because China is massively taking advantage of the naivety and greed of everybody else.


Montenegro belongs to Serbia, we must all accept that Montenegro is not a country but an illegal government.

See how stupid that sounds? The UN guarantees the right to self determination and China’s actions against the unwilling and independent Taiwan, of which the PRC has NEVER controlled is illegal.

We have the same right to sovereignty as you do.


Doesn’t all of Europe belong to the Reich?

No. all of europe belongs to Italy. :rofl:

We are OG!


I was talking about the HRE the successor to the Roman empire by papal appointment :joy:

No no no. We have succession rights. lmao

He’d do a better job of it if he asked Piglet, Owl, Tigger, and the rest for their ideas about the whole thing.

Rabbit looked at him severely.
“I don’t think you’re helping,” he said.
“No,” said Pooh. “I do try,” he added humbly.

Might be too much to expect any humility, I’m afraid. Or asking anyone for advice.

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Montenegrin, please.

It’s hilarious how Xi and co think they can turn around their demographic. A change to 2 child policy has no effect, I guess because people think it’s too expensive to have more kids…let’s make it a 3 child policy and people will revel in their newfound freedom? :rofl:

“trustworthy, lovable and respectable” image for the country,

Now that the majority of Earth is almost universally anti-CCP.

Not the brightest bunch.


nobody said you had to be smart to be a fascist dictatorship. You just have to be ruthless callous psychopaths.


That country is a menace.