Xmas turkey dinner (cooked)?

Any place that is going to sell a turkey dinner, cooked, either there or to go for 2 to 4?

I know it’s rare during Xmas in Taiwan.

Turkey, gravy, stuffing.

Have you tried Willie’s Deli in Tianmu? I think they cook some based on reservation.

I had turkey from Carrefour. But it’s not cooked American style. Imagine turkey cooked like Peking Duck. But it still tastes like turkey, which is what I wanted. No gravy or stuffing.

Brass Monkey. NTD880 with all the doings

On Tap has similar deal.

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My family’s going for On Tap’s offerings this year. Had to pay a deposit to reserve a spot. But if that doesn’t impress us we may try Brass Monkey next year (I’m optimistic). I also noticed the Marriott’s restaurant has a meal of some sort going. It’s a buffet except on the 24th and 25th, where it’s a set Christmas meal. No details on what that Christmas meal is so I didn’t go for it.

We used to get whole, cooked turkeys but they’re just too big. You can get turkeys in a hamper from a lot of the bigger hotels (the only ones that immediately spring to mind are the Sherwood, Miramar, Shangri La, Regent, Sheraton - around $3200-$3500) and some butchers like Rose Kitchen will sell them cooked for $899 but without any kind of trimmings. We had their’s one year and it was a little dry (not too bad, but the hotel ones are better).

Ed’s Diner does turkeys too, don’t know if they have full meals or what.

The hampers from the hotel restaurants would be the way to go if you want to eat at home.


(Christmas) Dinner with the moderators at the Monkey last Wed 12 Dec. Awesome




I’ll be there tomorrow with the Irish. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

That looks pretty good. I once bought a cooked turkey from Mitsukoshi, but it was liked smoked Beijing Duck style. You have to go to a restaurant to have a proper Christmas turkey meal it seems. Might be worth giving the Brass Monkey a shot this year. Thanks for posting.

I went to a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house not long ago. He actually took his turkey to one of these wood oven/smoked chicken places and asked them to cook his turkey. They agreed and it tasted fantastic! No dryness at all. And they even recommended that next time to get the turkey locally in Taiwan, rather than imported and at Costco (don’t know about that, though). And then three of us tried to finish a case of German beer (also from Costco).

Jake’s Country Kitchen still does the turkey will all fixings take out deal. I took a picture.

Yeah, nothing wrong with oven/smoked bird, only it doesn’t meet my own expectations. I don’t want to experiment at Christmas, I want what is familiar. Someone mentioned that buying a whole cooked turkey was like too much. True, depending on how many you invite over.

Is anyone old enough to remember when turkey was for the plebs and goose for the more learned among us.

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I can totally understand. But I’m telling you it was fantastic!


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Absolutely. Remains that way whenever I’m involved!

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This was the gold! It had it all…


Could’ve eaten that every day if it wasn’t 900nt per plate and seasonal… mmm… draft craft, too. Thanks, @the_bear !

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