Whats with the yams?

They’re :tent: everywhere. Baked yams. Candied yams.

Who gets hungry and thinks “I could really use a whole plain hot sweet potato right now” - or worse as an impulse buy?

I had some mushy yams at a Japanese restaurant recently. Supposed to be really healthy so I eat them as much as I can.

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Yam, Jam, Ram Jam, Black Betty!

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Pretty much every single Taiwanese person walking around.
Which makes you the anomaly.
Accordingly, what’s your problem???



That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Where did this come from? Why are single-serving yams so ubiquitous?

What’s with the yams?

Are you serious?

When the Nipponese were here, they confiscated most of the rice crop for export to the Mother Islands and to feed their troops all over Asia. Accordingly, local folks were forced to rely on (basically) indigenous tubers to make up the missing carbs in their diets.
These included the yams and the ubiquitous 白萝卜

It was very common to supplement what little rice they had with the yams thrown in to cook at the same time.
Also people liked ripping into a warm one fresh from the clay oven, especially when it’s cold and wet and miserable.

Like many places, what was originally poor food became comfort food, and today these things are enjoyed out of preference rather than necessity.

If you knew this already and were taking the piss, well, neener neener.


Why are single-serving yams so ubiquitous?

Pretty sure “ubiquitous” is an absolute, like pregnant or dead, so it doesn’t take a modifier. Just sayin


I’m eating a 711 yam right now. It’s a great snack. Good for building muscle!


Consider yourself lucky, child.
In Communist China, yams eat YOU!!!

Really, carbs? Protein is better, get a thigh.

Do you mean those crunchy things that appear to have been marinaded in snot?

Why do humans think that if something looks like it absolutely should not be eaten, it’s super-healthy and/or will improve your virility?

I unironically enjoy the old communist propaganda paintings…

Both are important building blocks for muscle growth.

You mean I swallowed all those raw oysters for nothing? :astonished:

I imagine the oysters weren’t overly happy about it either.

They didn’t seem to appreciate the lemon juice.

Also, while we’re all up, mostly they’re sweet potatoes, not yams

ETA: Even these buggers


Got eaten alive!

“Yam” is rather an ill-defined word. I use it for the aforementioned snotty vegetables. The photo on the left looks like a cassava.

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I was waiting for someone to open that can of worms…