Cassava is yucca, different deal I think.

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I enjoy all tubers. Except parsnips. Hate parsnips…

They must be cooked with brown sugar

People seem to use the word “yam” to refer to all sorts of tuberous vegetables. Dioscorea, Colocasia, Ipomoea … they all get called yams depending on who you’re talking to.

Yeah, and most people us them interchangeably any :tent: ways…

The :tent: do I know, they don’t even grow where I come from, I never even saw one until I came to Monkey Island…

Tis strange. But seen as true yams come from the yam family and sweet potato come from the morning glory family. So its pretty well defined. Taiwan is lucky to have a pretty good variety of wild yams and grow that much more. Shame to confuse them with pig food.

How about a uncuriously close but unrelated irritating yam yam, or yum yum, song.


I personally love them mashed with butter, however I just do not want a shrivelled up old persons skin one from 7/11 or one of those HARD boiled eggs they are cooked toooooo long.

Kumara boys, call them kumara.

I’ve already substituted rice with kumara in most of my meals. Kumara is good for you, rice is not.

Are you trying to make that a thing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How about pooping?

They’re called kumara throughout the South Pacific.

No wonder that usage hasn’t caught on. :grin:


Mashed with butter.

Dead is a bit controversial, but you can definitely be very pregnant or a little pregnant. :slight_smile:

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Must as in they must be cooked with brown sugar, ergo you don’t like them?

No you can’t.

No, that would be “They must have been cooked with brown sugar”

Heavily pregnant, I’ll accept.