Yanny or Laurel? Which do you hear?


I hope I hear Laurel, because I can’t stand Yanni.

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I heard Yanny first - actually more like “yammy” - but then heard Laurel as well. Now I hear both, except when the slider is close to the right, when I don’t hear Laurel at all. Laurel is lower so it’s sort of quieter to me, Yanny is loud, high pitched, and annoying. Of the people I’ve surveyed (mostly young, small sample size) all hear both except my dad who only hears Laurel.

keep trying it, it kept changing on me, then since Im using earbuds when I put 1 earbud in it said Yanni, as soon as I put in the left earbud it changed to Laurel and I didnt move the slider!

Because the audio clips are not even well “centered”.

It’s a crap.


Always so negative. It’s still interesting that when listening to the same thing (many people report this when listening to the clip without the benefit of a filter) some people “hear” one thing, and some people another.

When I pushed the button, the first word I heard was yanny. But then it switched to laurel after that, with yanny as a whisper in the background. Pretty weird.

I see “Yawning.”

I played it backwards and I heard Satan


But that’s absolutely normal and not surprising.

My suieet Sat’an

It’s normal for people to listen to the same word and hear two distinctly different words? I disagree. Hence the reaction to this.

It’s two words at the same time, different pan, and different pitch. Same crappy quality though.

I get it. But when I listen to the original recording, I hear one word, not two. And different people who listen to the exact same thing hear the other word, and not both words.

It’s Laurel. Now I know why Sino-Korean lose the “L.” Lee becomes Yi, Lim becomes “Im.”



“I think it has to do first of all with what has happened with people’s computers or listening devices”

Good point.

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Okay, for those who were destroyed by Yanny/Laurelgate… this is going to upset you even more.

I’d like to introduce you to ‘Brainstorm’ and ‘Green Lightning’.

Basically, whatever you think is what you will hear. Good luck.

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