Yet another mass shooting in the US


This morning Greene went on Twitter to note that the shooter “appears Hispanic” and had what she decided “looks like a gang tattoo on his hand.” And then added “Title 42 ends on Thursday and CBP says 700,000+ migrants are going to rush the border.”

The shooter has been identified as Mauricio Garcia, a 38-year-old security guard from Dallas. I haven’t seen any reporting on Garcia’s immigration or citizenship status. But it seems likely he’s an American citizen. If he was working as a security guard that makes it highly unlikely he was undocumented. Regardless, for Greene the shooting is about Title 42 and keeping undocumented migrants out of the country.

In the real world, law enforcement officials told NBC News and other news outlets that “Garcia had several social media accounts and appeared to be drawn to neo-Nazi and white supremacist content. He was also wearing, when he was killed, a patch on his chest with a right-wing acronym.”

In other words, basically your garden-variety mass shooter and far-right terrorist

He was a big fan of -Russian social media. where he posted pro-Hitler, racist, and misogynist accounts, and published a lot of incel quotes.


My home state of TEXAS…where they have started dropping requirements for gun training, gun licensing/permits and registration.

Guy gets robbed at an ATM in Texas and then walked back to his vehicle pulled out a gun and started shooting at the robber. He killed a 9 year old girl passing by in a car. No charges against the killer brought as no laws were broken…he was firing in self defense.

In Feb a junior in college (21 years old) killed an 11 year old in a road rage incident.

Recently overturned the age restriction for carrying hand gun on college campuses. Previously had to be 21 but now is 18. Well, why not? since 18 year old can now buy handguns with no license required.

The Texas House Legislature just passed bill saying certain election workers can carry guns at polling sites. Senate still needs to vote on this bill.

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My kid just visited San Antone, and said everyone had guns. Multiple guns. FAFO is in full swing.

Will be there next week. I am sure to see the bad asses carrying their guns into stores.


From what I’m reading it’s the chance of getting shot because you took a wrong turn into the wrong driveway, rang the wrong person’s doorbell, or a kid playing hide and seek in some guy’s garden , that is going to be just as concerning.
What a pain in the arse!!! Pity cos Southerners were supposed to friendly and hospitable. What happened to that culture?

This (most recent one anyway :pensive:) happened in NYS

Yes I know. It’s an example, the hide and seek one was Louisiana where the guy shot a girl as she was running away. It’s everywhere. But more guns, more laws that say you can shoot somebody on your property and easily claim self defence, things get hairier.

The one where the guy came over to his neighbours and shot them all because they told him to keep it down. I dunno. That was just mental.

Yup, just pointing out not just Southerners.

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Also this:

At the shooting on Saturday, the gunman was wearing a patch that said “RWDS,” an abbreviation known to stand for “Right Wing Death Squad,” according to one official.

The phrase harks back to Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s violent right-wing regime in Chile in the 1970s and 1980s. The Pinochet government was notorious for assembling death squads that murdered their leftist enemies.

More recently, neo-Nazi groups in the United States and members of other far-right organizations like the Proud Boys have claimed the phrase, and often wear the abbreviation on clothing or patches. The Proud Boys in particular often combine RWDS labels with shirts reading, “Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong.”

The online profile being investigated also includes several pictures showing a black tactical vest with an RWDS patch. The patch has the shape of a shield with a notch in its upper right corner — an echo, experts say, of similar patches worn by Nazi SS units. In addition, the profile includes a screenshot from Google Maps showing the time at which the mall where the shooting took place was likely to be busiest.

Nothing says “I am a badass” than waving around swastikas and threatening violence. Well, how else will you stop those terrible gays from talking to children?

Armed Ohio Neo-Nazis Waving Swastika Flags Target Drag Event Again (

Yeah, that’s pretty weird. Could have been a mass shooting.


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Have you read Piglet Pees Standing Up? Out of Florida, I imagine,

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good to know I’m batting way above the average ratio


Maybe glorifying violence might have something to do with the phenomenon?

or perhaps this:

Machine Gun is an anti-war protest song. How is it glorifying violence? :thinking:


Also, songs that glorify violence aren’t kept within the borders of the USA. Everyone can listen to them. I’m not sure how they could be an explanation for mass shootings, unless they are necessary in conjunction with gun ownership.

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Typed in a hurry, should have added: there have been protests about violence on the past like these songs - perhaps chickens are coming home to roost.

The ‘leader’ has FED written all over him.

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