Yet more low class greens who cannot stand different voice

[quote]312/遊行中喊阿扁下台遭追打 引爆民眾衝突
Calling for Abian to step down during 312 march brings assault, leading to conflict

【東森新聞報 政治中心/台北報導】


… as the protest march got near to the Presidential Office, a female participant yelled “Chen Shui Bian step down,” but that unexpectedly attracted an unsatisfied bystander, [color=red]who took his cigarette up to her face to burn her[/color]. The crowd pulled him away, and conflict ensued for a time.


This is just ridiculous.

Yeah exactly, we need to bring back the White Terror and especially 228 to bring those Pan Greens back in line. It always starts with a cigarette doesn’t it?

No. Pan-green nuts should just keep their hands to themselves. It’s not that hard.

This applies to touchy feely DPP and TSU legislators too.

[quote=“zeugmite”]No. Pan-green nuts should just keep their hands to themselves. It’s not that hard.

This applies to touchy feely DPP and TSU legislators too.[/quote]
Yes. Given that there are no Pan-blue nuts (especially none of those that come in buses dressed in uniform black that start beating up old men) the Pan Greens should watch themselves.

After all, Zeugmite is absolutely correct that this thug, although nameless, represents all Pan Greens, just like how Ah Q must represent all Chinese although he is fiction. :loco:

[quote=“zeugmite”]No. Pan-green nuts should just keep their hands to themselves. It’s not that hard.

This applies to touchy feely DPP and TSU legislators too.[/quote]

Doesn’t feel too good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it?

I never said the thug represented all greens, just low class ones. Why get so agitated, ShrimpCrackers? Why feel the need to trot out your entire bag of non sequiturs from White Terror to Ah Q? Getting a bit defensive about what low class greens do?

As for Joe, you just came in to confirm the title. Much thanks.

Dude, I’m agreeing with you.
As you said, this thug represents All Low Class Greens. We should root out All Low Class Pan Greens, possibly killing them 228 style, or running them over twice with a truck.

Speaking of which, why not rid of the entire planet of Low Class people in general? I figure there’s at least 500 million of them. So… when do we start?

As for Joe, you just came in to confirm the title. Much thanks.[/quote]

I used to watch the KMT’s police, MPs and mafia boys beat the shit out of Taiwanese in the streets of Taipei so you can take your San Min Chu I and shove it up your ass.

It seems strange that in what is basically a 2-party system anyone would be ridiculous enough to make broad statements about the personalities of people supporting different parties.

We’re not talking about party politics in Kansas.

If you are tired of all the antagonistic b.s. posts in this forum and want to read something intelligent and thought provoking, read the comments generated in this thread. … china.html

There are 97+ comments, all are worth reading. Note: You may have to copy/paste the link into a new broswer window, it does not seem to work by clicking on the link. I found this via Michael Turton’s site do a search on London Calling if you still have trouble accessing the page.

Nothing special, really. The entire spectrum of opinion from both sides have been rehashed ad nauseam all the way back to the 1980s on USENET, not to mention all the arguments about TI itself date to the 1950s. It’s just the same old same old; the only difference is with the internet, more and more people are getting involved in the argument. But inevitably, they just retrace what other people have figured out already.

All such conversations will start out “intelligent and thought provoking,” but they never end that way. Why? Because people slowly realize there are certain bottom lines they will not give up. For mainlanders, it’s usually about leaving reunification a possibility. For TI/ers, it’s usually about going independent without involving the mainland. All other arguments are ancillary in nature. It just comes down to core ideologies. No amount of “intelligent and thought provoking” words and good intentions can resolve that.

This is a terrific thread with the perfect comeback going back and forth.

Shrimp, your first comeback was excellent with the historical reference to the cigarettes.

It seems like to green people nothing the DPP does or any low class pan green supporter does will ever qualify as anything bad because the KMT will always have the historical sin of 228 and White Terror.

Since nothing can compare to that today, nothing can be mentioned today without that being brought up as a comeback either. You’ll never win. :smiley:

This is a losing argument Zeugmite, but then again, anything against the DPP is a losing argument around here…

Although if you want to refer to more than one low class pan green supporter, you can always refer to the “mob” led by DPP legislator Wang Sing-Nan/former terrorist/current day mobster who has the honorable background of sending a bomb in the mail to a KMT guy wheh the Truth Committee first met at the Tainan District Court or wherever that place was.

Because the committee was deemed to be unconstiutional and needed an interpretation, tons of class acts were outside to physically block the and attack the committee.

Committee Member Wang Ching-Feng braved the attackers with the help of the police but got spat on by one.

This is a good occasion to quote if you want to get in more than one low class Green camp supporter.

This is an obvious one, but I personally like these 2 fellas that were seen collecting R.O.C. flags handed out at the inauguration on 5.20.04. Like they were on a determined mission, these guys piled up those foreign ROC flags that eventually ended up mostly in the trash that day.

Not that there’s anything wrong for not wanting to wave the ROC flag. I’m not making a political statement. It was just an interesting shot to see them rounding up these flags like they needed to be burned if it weren’t raining that day.

Oh well, but those high class pan blue supporters burned a DPP flag at the last 319 rally on 3.19.05.

Shrimp, chill, he didn’t say that those low class green supporters (and we all know that there are only 1 or 2 of them in Taiwan), need to be shot 228 style.

I was alluding more to the eloquence and diplomacy of each participant’s posts. Something severely lacking in this forum.

And I said, they all start out that way, but never end that way. There is a one way progression toward degeneracy, and there is no way around it, because face it, after a while, all arguments have been exhausted, so what is there to say? Go to any strait issue forum, including this one. Search for the earliest posts, and compare with the later ones. You’ll notice the difference.

Reminds me of the low class politicians these low class ROC citizens elect into office. Since their elected officials like to brawl in the LY, it says a lot about their constituents.

Yes…it was so much better back in the old days under the Chiangs backed up by the Taiwan Garrison Command. Back then, the KMT would simply fly in selected octogenarians from all over the world, they’d totter (or be wheeled) into the hall, raise their right arms in the Nazi salute and the Chiangs would be reelected. And anyone who complained would be beaten to a pulp and sent to Green Island.

So much better then without these pesky Taiwanese voting, right?

An account of the KMT’s 1990 election, from The Journalist:


Joe, a bit senile today? Chiang was dead before 1990. And everybody (that would be what became of both the blue and green voters of today) voted for the KMT back then, so whether you carried yourself with high or low class, you were oppressed just the same. In fact, I have no doubt that the most radical and anti-democratic greens of today are likely the same ones who most fervently supported the KMT dictatorship when it seemed the “in” thing to do.

Not at all. The election in 1990 was the same as the one in 1984 and that was the same as the one previous. I was here when CCK died. I was also here for his election in 1984. The Chiang faction of the KMT thought LTH was their boy and elected him in 1990…they got a big surprise.

Zeugmite…just how old are you? Were you even in Taiwan back then?