Yilan tragedy - Nanfang Ao bridge collapsed


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Wow. Those pics yours?

no, from people who live there. still no idea how it happened!

Heads will roll for sure.

I hope nobody got hurt bad. I keep thinking Cloverfield, or Mothman Prophesies, or War of the Worlds. Bridges are mammoth structures.

I’m assuming that bridge was pretty old. It’s this one, right?

It looks like it fell onto a boat.

I know that area, a lot of shoddy old looking stuff around there (yeah even for Taiwan ).

The bridge was completed in 1999. The collapse so far injured 20 people.

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There are non stop sirens on the highway, some people say there were some fishing boats under the bridge when it fell.

Honestly, there are tons of bridges from that era featuring the same type of design…

I hope the driver of this truck had the sense to get out and away, too.

I wonder did the truck or a boat hit a structural support. Of course it’s likely typhoon related

If a truck rammed the load bearing cables, then I can imagine it causing this kind of structural failure.


In this live video you can see how it fell, so odd. You probably have to scroll a bit to find it, but it’s been shown many times.

So the cables obviously went first before the supporting structures caved.

It’s pointing more likely towards maintenance issues.

Any word on the driver (and passengers)?

A truck could only ram one or two load bearing cables. Pretty sure bridges are built to survive the odd impact.

Being on a bridge that collapses is like my worst nightmare. :disappointed:

Shoddy construction. Heads should roll. The typhoon never hit us so that’s one less thing they can blame it on.

The video shows one of the cables near the center of the bridge snapping moments after the truck passed, then the whole thing fell down. So weird.
And that bridge had no issues after some insane typhoons of the last few years, so if this fake typhoon we had yesterday caused some damage then it’s 100% a maintenance issue.

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