You can only pick two pills

Which would you choose? :thinking:


  • Look 15 years younger
  • Read minds for 3 days
  • Forget your ex
  • Eat without gaining weight
  • Add 5 cm to your height
  • Become super strong
  • Have a lot of money
  • Always feel happy
  • Get millions of followers

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Can you put it in poll format as well?

Have a lot of money. Always feel happy. Hardly rocket science.


#2, read minds for 3 days and #10, Get 9 more pills.

(That was always my go-to on the 3 wishes ploy, wish #3 was for 3 more wishes.)

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Money and Strong is mine.

I can’t put in look 15 years younger. It’ll put me back in high school.

I chose strength and happiness.

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Why would one want to be strong? Assuming it’s referring to brute strength rather than your constitution? If you’re rich and perpetually happy, you can hire goons to be strong for you, with a smile on your face.

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I could join the circus and become a strongman. Always wanted to join the circus.

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I thought about eating without gaining weight, but i’ve already enjoyed that for about 25 years of my life.

I bet it’s pretty awesome to know you’re the strongest person in the world. Those strongman contests are pretty fun to watch.

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Just talk to @rooftopclown.
I’m sure he can use a speaking cow in his troupe.

They’d probably just put me in the freak show. :astonished:

Ditto. For me it wasn’t so much making a difficult choice as “Oh, those are the only two that look appealing.” “Look 15 years younger”, eh, I don’t care, and actually I think middle age “suits” my looks more than being young did anyway. “Read minds for 3 days”: that’s a curse, not a blessing! “Forget [an] ex”, mostly already done. Eating, height, strength, followers - don’t care. (And if you’ve got #8, you’re not going to care about being weak, or looking old, or having 1 follower, or being short!)

EDIT: Feel and have the health (and back and knees!) of someone 15 years younger, yes, that would be tempting! But look 15 years younger? Nah.


This one seems key. With it, you don’t really care about the rest. I think I chose super strength over money because you could use super strength to get money, but no amount of money will buy you super strength.

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Why would I want that? If my mom dies and I’m happy I’d kill myself. Money and Strength for me.

It can talk?

1 and 7, btw. BC the rest are dumb.

Number 9 is just asking for trouble:

There’s a tragi-comic short story in there somewhere, about a cow who’s so proud of its strength and wants to show off how much it can bench press, but all anyone cares about is its conversational ability.


Hell, it can even type 80 words a minute.