Your experience with racism in Taiwan

Sought after? Lots of schools hire illegally and don’t report the teacher’s income. The government has gotten stricter over the years, but some people get away with it for as long as they can.

As the title says, it’s yours, to both. It’s a personal experience of both.

No. I’ll try to say it again, keeping in mind I’m speaking for foreigners complaining of their (sometimes minor) experiences of racism. Consider the racism, and the privilege that goes with being a foreigner in Taiwan. When I do, I find complaining to be petty. Others have different experiences.


There’s that magic word privilege again but for the life of me I’m struggling to figure out where to find it.

What is the mysterious privilege you insist to waffle on about all the time.


then, I’ll wait for your post.

Though, the OP is asking it. Some posts on their experiences, and some talk about them.

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I’m pretty sure a simple fuck you works.

I’m no newbie here. I don’t post made-up bullshit. I have a reputation for being a bit of a shit-stirrer, but not for being a liar. You, on the other hand, rock up with zero credibility, and start making wild accusations. One wonders what your intention and rationale is.


having skills or talents to have a white-collar job in Taiwan as a foreigner?

Sorry if I didn’t write it clearly, but I think you misunderstood. The post was unsourced. I wasn’t sure if you were giving an example of the kind of post we’ve all seen or copy/pasting an actual one. I was saying, if it’s actual, give it TaiwanNews. I think people should know. I said I won’t dispute it. I was saying I believed it was real. I don’t think I said anything wild.

Also, I’m active everyday, but I’ve been here 2 years longer than you. That’s not zero credibility. I do know you, though. I wouldn’t accusing you of lying.

Met an Italian guy on the beach who told me his job was teaching Inglese to the bambinos

In a private legal cram school? I looked at well over 1000 resumes , i can never remember 1 Italian, and I was responsible for getting work permits. I hired a lot of African Americans in fact our highest paid teacher was a female black American from New York.She had a masters degree in education. I only worked there for around a year so not a high sample count but probably a bit more accurate than your Italian at the beach. What goes on illegally is neither here nor there. I once met a pretend Italian with a Canadian passport who was actually Turkish. He said he was Italian to get laid, being Turkish did not work well for him.


There are definitely a few people who wouldn’t be allowed to teach English if the MOE were aware of them, but I don’t think there are nearly as many as people believe.

There are also quite a few people teaching who come from accepted countries but don’t have the required credentials. It’s just one of those things.

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Well to teach English as a second language is allowed in the UK with just a CELTA and no teaching degree. People get confused between teaching English as a second language and teaching English in a public school or teaching English to native speakers of English in a high school like TAS.

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We hired an Italian woman once. Not sure how we got around the English requirement…maybe he degree was in English. My gawd she was smoking hot. She dumped her BF and married some rich Taiwanese guy 6 months later. The older boys loved her class and learned very little.

Wife says she was “part time” no no permit needed.


Yes, if they have a degree in English that passes them through the MOE. Lucky boys :rofl:
I would guess in 10 years at the most requirement will tighten further.
They had a new bunch of requirements in 2018 proposed , not sure if they went through.

他媽的 Ok. I’ll tell my Taiwanese girlfriend and two Taiwanese friends who confirmed it that some foreigner on the internet said they’re wrong.

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I was just called a racist by another foreigner because I called him a foreigner.

Because he’s been so long in Taiwan, he thinks it’s racist to be called a fellow foreigner.

backstory, first time I’ve seen him in my building and I asked him to wear a mask. he replied that he doesn’t have to cos the infection rate is non existent in tw.

having a bad day.

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Man those fucking foreigners really piss me off!


If the building requires masks while in the public area, talk to the building management.

If he’s on the MRT, supermarket, etc. where he must wear masks, then take a picture and report it or something…

It’s funny that someone who already thinks that him its very Taiwanese doesn’t want to wear a mask. Taiwanese people don’t complaints about wearing the mask, lol