Your MOST USED headphones/earphones/earbuds

I don’t ever wear headphones or ear buds unless I’m on an airplane. Hate having things in/on my ears.

On airplanes, any over the ear headphones that don’t touch my ears are fine.

Bought these cheapies for $520.

TWS i12 5.0, 3 hour battery, recharge 4 times. Not great sound but good enough for simple listening. Edit: They automatically pair with iPhone, iPad, etc. like AirPods.

Mostly used in sauna 80C and hot tub. No worries about damaging them because so cheap.

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Wow those look crazy similar to regular airpods.

JVC cheap earbuds, in ear, connect to my device with a wire. Model HAFX7MB.

The wire is a hassle, but sound quality is excellent for $8.99 USD. I find that (1) sound quality quite good, and (2) for phone calls others can hear my voice clearly (probably because mic is closer to mouth).

And they’re cheap! I buy 3 or 4 at a time so I always have extras.

The way others hear my voice on phone is of primary importance to me. I can’t have professional / business / client calls where my voice sounds muffled or distant. So although this is not the question asked, I added the phone call criteria because it’s so important to me, and because I want to listen to good music when I’m not on a call.

So looking at headphones with excellent audio quality for both music and phone … the choices get very expensive and not always as good as a connection with a wire. And I always break shit or lose stuff. So for $8.99 I buy a bunch of these and I’m happy.

Edit: after writing this I received a gift of SOUNDPEATS Truefree2 in-ear Bluetooth wireless earbuds. Sound quality is good! These are inexpensive but work well. I guess that I prefer in-ear rubber earbuds.

Reviews say that call quality/microphone stinks. But these are about $30 or $40, so if I want it all I guess I’m going to spend money, or have a wire connecting me to my device.