Youtube Clip with most Likes and No Dislikes


I am spending way too much time on Youtube. The other day I was thinking, what kind of video gets the most likes without being disliked?

Why not make it a game? Try to find a video that has hundreds of likes, but no dislike.

I start with this one:

288 - 0


That one has one dislike


It was me. I did it out of spite. :smiley:

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It’s actually kind of hard to find videos with many like and no dislikes, there are just too many haters in the world, I guess. There is always that one person who can’t resist. :slight_smile:


I was joking, but yeah, you’re right. I keep away from reading Youtube comments shudder.

Edit: That’s a lovely video, by the way.


Indeed :slight_smile:


Not a new record but no dislikes yet 158:0 (correction 210:1; jimi, that you again?) :slight_smile:

His vlogs are well made.



Another travel vlogging channel I like to watch. the Vagabrothers


A contender, 187. Found another one in such videos, I think I’ll break the record soon.


Makes you want to learn Thai. :thumbsup:

I will remember Man Sai! And I love how she says Roi.


214 - 0

Of course, who could dislike ukulele legend Jake Shimabukuro? :thumbsup:


All-time champ, 590-0


[quote=“Tempo Gain”]All-time champ, 590-0


Must be a Youtube glitch or something. 80,000 views and now dislikes is I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. :slight_smile:



Taiwan’s little drum sensation, Little White



He’s worked with Casey Neistat. Fun to watch blogger.

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This video is currently at 1098 likes - 0 dislikes!

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