Youtube Clip with most Likes and No Dislikes

2.6 thousand with no dislikes :slight_smile:

I would have disliked the ginger weed :smirk::face_with_raised_eyebrow:I strongly suspect some furry critters on here may also agree :wink:

Epic, but it’s unlisted so I guess it doesn’t count.

The only thing that I watch on Youtube is Mukbang. I love watching Stephanie Soo eats as she discuss different topics.

Unlisted. Yeah, that’s probably the reason. No way there is no one watching that saying that’s rubbish.

If it’s unlisted, how did you find it?

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A rare no dislike sighting.


This girl from China with a heart condition was adopted by a family in the US. Her mother found out that she had a twin sisters later on, also adopted by a family in the US and they met on live TV. This is from her mother’s YT channel. She apparently still has cardiac problems, but competes in track and field events, including pole vaulting.


She also does gymnastics, plays the violin, and learns to treat people with nasty injuries in the Dominican Republic… (there is one clip NSFW, cause there are FRICKN MAGGOTS in that man’s wound!!! :scream: :face_vomiting:

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No likes nor dislikes, but 1.4M views!

Cause they’re hidden. I don’t think that counts.


I didn’t know that was possible.

It’s usually because a video was disliked so much they cowardly turned it off instead of owning their dislikes.

Edit: Yep. I was right.

Rebecca-Black-Style song for the 20s

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Where does it say that likes and dislikes were turned off and by who, YouTube or the video owner?

It doesnt have a counter.

902-0 upon last check. Comon, let’s go to 1000!!!


Ahh don’t do that to @greves :rofl:


Hey, I am showing him love.

If there is a dislike in the next hour or so, probably from a douche reading this thread…



I will never forgive you for the damage you’ve done to my ears.


I don’t like to suffer alone… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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