YouTube Music Premium

Loving this. Had it about 3 days and much better than I expected.

  • NT$179/~US$6.00 month

  • No advertising or interruptions

  • Includes music, music videos, and all kinds of music, artists, and special performances not available on audio streaming services like Apple, Spotify, etc.

  • Plays my own music on my device

  • Can automatically download a mixtape up to 500 songs for times when not connected to internet

  • Includes my playlists from YouTube

  • Automatically generated mixes based on my likes seem to be really spot-on and good

  • Songs have option to play video if available

  • Easily cast music and videos to TV or other displays


  • Removes advertising from YouTube and no interruptions

  • Access to YouTube Originals movies, TV, etc.


That sounds like YouTube Red but with extra music features.

Another Tango42 topic saved!

Thanks for your support :happyrunningaround:

Maybe a follow-on to YouTube Red…

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I switched to youtube premium from spotify for the same reason. I can still listen to music and I don’t have to put up with youtube commercials, and it cost the same as spotify.

Added benefits/functionality if you have a google house-spy, err, home.

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Maybe the mark of the beast will be google…

Hmmm, should I switch to YouTube premium from Spotify?

Eh… how come I am seeing this price?

You think that’s expensive? I just checked for mine.

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I found that if you switch to an android phone, you get a better price. And if you switch to another region (with vpn) you get a better price. So android phone in Taiwan seems to get $149/month.

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It doesn’t matter if you are using android or iphone. Mine was 179NTD/month.

Make sure your region is Taiwan, if your region is US the pricing is different (for the record Spotify is 9.99 USD per month if your region is in the US)

it does seem to matter, for me at least.

on my iphone, i’m getting 190/month
on my android, i’m getting 149/month

maybe andriod is cheaper because it’s an OS written by google…

I got the student plan for $6.99


I get 179 TWD per month, on Android.

I can understand different countries having different pricing, but wonder why people in Taiwan are getting different pricing offers.

My phone plan is Chunghua.

I signed in with my computer and got the 149/month deal.


Maybe the Apple App Store charges an extra fee.

Oh right, I forgot about the App Store 30% fee…

New tab added for related music to what you are listening.