Youtuber addresses Korean critic of Taiwan

There’s a good under the radar spot in Tainan called Mr. Park on Linsen Road. Not bad, owner is Korean. Not super authentic but pretty good HOF type food.

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The Youtuber explains why Koreans feel that way.

Korea used to be poor, and now it’s rich. Someone who’s always been rich takes things for granted. Those things are normal. Someone who used to be poor but is now rich, would appreciate their wealth. So when they come to Taiwan, and see all the Korean handsets, beauty products, music, cars, it’s natural to feel a sense of superiority. [Do you see people driving Korean cars in Taiwan?]

He talks about TSMC in all of his videos about Taiwan, haha.

I think the bad korean restaurants are a bit exaggerated. Most of the small korean restaurants are run by taiwanese, so you can’t expect too much. i’ve been to a couple of decent ones.

As for the proper restaurants my fave on is called 8 colour pork, the gimmick is 8 different types of pork belly. I’m a fan.


I’ve never had Korean food in Taiwan, but I’m pretty sure I’d like it.

I have Taiwanese Plus taste buds. I like pretty much everything a Taiwanese person likes, plus I like almost everything else too.

I’ve had French food in Taiwan and liked it.

I do like Korean style better (e.g. jajangmyun is better Korean style).

This girl fires back at Koreans for saying Taiwan is backwards because of otobai (scooters) and chasing garbage trucks.

Says, in Korean, Seoul is dirtier.

I’m not really partial to either side of the debate, but God this is sad.


This is like a midget calling a dwarf short.


Yeah people need to grow the fuck up lol

Youtuber. :joy::joy::joy::joy: Stop it. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: They aren’t real people, they are pseudo humans. Same as influencers, instagrammers, tik-tokers, podcasters. People who needed a good wake up slap around the age of 14 but never received it.

I don’t think you can use either of those terms any more Drew. They are little people now. Of course this may change in the next 50 to 80 seconds, at which point the term little people will become a hate crime.
Language has become fun now it’s being controlled by cretins. I mean morons. I mean imbeciles. Shit, what exactly do we call dick holes these days?




Urethra Franklin sang some great songs.

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Naw man, Taiwanese people are low-key. Keep talking smack, it’s funny.

I could be mistaken–I don’t know Korean–but this looks like a discussion of that article:

Hopefully, this is a translation of the above from Korean to English (the page itself doesn’t seem to allow using the mouse to copy or right-click for translation):

한국 네티즌이 쓴 대만 여행 후기가 대만보다 중국 SNS에서 더 논란인 이유는? []

Apparently, some Chinese were also involved in the discussion.

I haven’t, either, and I haven’t been able find it so far. I think the title was “대만 여행 가서 느낀 점.”

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It’s interesting, even in a smack piece they acknowledged that Taiwan is cleaner.

I found an article with that name, but it doesn’t appear to have anything. And it was written by a girl, not a dude.

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It’s the bedrock of this very website. That and failed marriages.


You forgot about sour cream, yoghurt and “Can I teach kindy?”.


Sincere question, relevant to the present topic, can one find sour cream in Korea?

Korea’s answer to Forumosa says a) Costco or b) make your own.

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