Youtubers in Taiwan

Yes its an old video re uploaded…

Have you never heard of m13? he’s the first foreign youtuber in taiwan (that i can remember)
And yea he used to be really popular.

He also used to be fairly active on this forum.

If I remember correctly, he is also a fellow emigrant from Winnipeg.

I suppose that depends on how you define a youtuber. When did he start? I used to do what they did before the term existed. I didn’t pull faces, though.

Oh, he’s got me beat by a year! I’d never even thought of that. I’d love to say I was the first foreign YouTuber. My videos were more like today’s YouTuber’s than his uploads straight from the camera. I was into videography for a while. I went around for a couple of years filming everything nearby.

Which is your channel? Would be interesting to see it. I enjoy watching M13.

I very rarely watch YouTube’s from Taiwan because almost none of it is new to me. Plus I visit far more interesting places than the vast majority of those videos
Plus I’m sick of being stuck in Taiwan.
Xiao Fei is impressive though.
Mordeth also is one of the originals .

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Mordeth is the real deal. That’s why I like his channel. He shows it how it is.
Not some of these other fake Taiwan lovers that don’t even live in Taiwan half the time.


Nah, I have personally identifying stuff there. I’m not doxxing myself with all the dumb stuff I’ve written over the years here.


No worries, can you pm the channel?

Amen :grin: M13 is authentic.

Most of the other channels are fake and cringey