Youtubers in Taiwan

Not sure what the definition of a Youtuber is.

There are tons of really helpful educational videos out there on Youtube by really smart people.

If you mean “Youtubers” as in young creators trying to make a living by uploading cringeworthy content, I am with you. But I think that is a dying breed, a rapidly decreasing number of channels fall in that category, I think.

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I got into YouTube a lot during the pandemic. I indulge my inner fantasy of sailing the high seas and stopping off in Bora Bora and PIri Piri and Pina Colada :laughing:. And occasionally check out what living in Japan is like. And there are many of my own hobbies and interests which I follow on there.

I just cannot bring myself to watch most YouTube videos about Taiwan. I have lived here too long and too familiar and kind of territorial about it lol. And most of the YouTube clips are just rubbish anyway.

I’m sure there are good Taiwanese YouTubers but I get badly turned off by their casual racism, stereotyping, use of Taiwanese or local slang . Last two are my fault not theirs.

About Taiwan?

no, in general

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I thought so, was hoping for some recs!

Good find here. The couple shows viewers a variety of sub-cultures in Taiwan that many people don’t see.
The two must have a lot of money to be doing this though (bringing in own truck through Taiwan customs).
Also, they introduced a Taiwanese guy I had never heard/read of: the one who’s done all those rallies overseas and owns a boatload of nice trucks and cars.

I feel like even the good ones became really gimmicky and attention-seeking after they hit big. I used to really like knowledge intensive content like CGP Grey’s videos and now he does streaming and stuff. Gross.

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I think people who want/need to make a living off Youtube sooner or later fall in the trap of creating content that pleases their existing followers, works well with the Google algorithm, gets them sponsors, gets them likes and subscriptions, and has been proven to be successful in the past. The outcome is as predictable as most Hollywood productions. Originality, trying something new and refreshing, is often not rewarded and is only done by people who don’t give an F. I like people who don’t give an F.

I can’t stand in-video promotions, even if done in a clever and authentic way, can’t hear those “please subscribe and hit the notification bell” calls anymore. Not interested in special video effects either.

Therefore I try to find and dig up lesser, not yet-compromised creators. Not easily done of course.

Not sure if repost and technically not a Taiwan Youtuber, but I commend how the average people of Taipei were represented in this episode of Asian Boss. The channel has become quite popular and I hope it introduces people abroad to what Taiwanese actually think. Wide range of perspectives here, and it really underscores the level of media literacy and reasoning skills that the average Taiwanese possess. Also at 6:56 the homie actually says it! Go off king :crown:

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They were good interviews, only criticism was that was just from Taipei. You do meet the odd rabid we are all one China person or China belongs to the ROC type but they aren’t more than 5% of the population I would say. Still they exist.


Yeah I agree. If they really sought more diverse perspectives they could also interview in central Taiwan, or the East, or Kaohsiung and probably find some differing responses than what you’d get in green Taipei. Of course that would require a lot more effort and beyond the scope of what they were trying to do I think, but I was happy to watch it nonetheless.



Unfortunately, that’s another trap. There are two types of people who don’t give an F.

The better kind is those who only does youtube as a hobby. They would need to be really dedicated to keep pumping out videos for no real rewards other than self-fulfillment.

More often you’d find the other kind, those secretly backed by governments or organizations to act as an mouthpiece.

Are there many of them in reality ? I doubt it. Obviously there are some shills but they are a small minority I’d say.

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Just got a comment on one of my videos, “your video is boring”. I replied, “you don’t have to like it”, but what I thought was “l really don’t give a F***”.

I am so done with caring about what random strangers think about me or my content.

Social media is so full of unhealthy interaction. l do what l feel like doing. If people like it, good, if people don’t like, equally good.

In general, I try to look for education more than entertainment when consuming content online.

Entertainment is so much more satisfying in the real world.


I’m actually less worried about those shills. It’s the non-shill ones who don’t often show their true color that are more worrisome.

Not surprising. Before last year people didn’t give a hoot about Taiwan. Just look at Prozzie vs Laowhy who started pretty much at the same time and doing the same stuff, one left for Taiwan and did Taiwan content and the latter went from discussing Chinese culture in China to discussing the CCP. Guess who makes more views lol. The subject doesn’t have a market for it to begin with.

Comparing english speaking youtubers who are making content about taiwan to actual taiwanese youtubers who can make content about litterally anything with the entire mandarin viewership base abroad ('cept China but you know some of them still watch that) would be akin to comparing Markiplier to a Spanish expat in America vlogging about his life experience there. Even if he’s popular, the sheer market share is completely different. I’d be surprised if they broke in the top 100.

Well i think there should be some nuance to that imho. A youtuber catering for a viewership or taking some feedback even from non constructive criticism will improve on his formula. I’m a 100% ok with people just filming stuff and sharing it to whoever appreciates it, be “whoever” be a million people or just two blokes, but i’m also ok with people having an interest in making things better, be it because they have a monetary incentive to do so or just because they like to improve their formula to please more people (i mean, you’re sharing stuff, so why not share it in a nice way ?).

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Once I chatted with a somewhat popular Thailand youtuber, on FB. I wanted to give him feedback about engaging with obvious trolls or something like that. He told me his understanding was that “haters” were actually very important to growing a channel. Not sure what that tidbit is worth, but I thought it was interesting.


Because they count as engagement.

The algos think, oh. You watched it and left a comment engaging with the video. You must LOVE this video!